• I'm sorry you have to live feeling this way.
  • I would say that of course you are a mum so on mother's day just look after yourself, treat yourself a bit, have a hot bath and cuddle up with a glass of wine and a good book, have a cry if needs be and try not to over think. I am sorry. I don't mean to sound flippant in my comment above, if so I apologise. I just know from personal experience how easy it is to stop looking after yourself when you are in such pain and feeling guilt and anxiety. You need to look after yourself to stay strong.
  • scrappy, you are and always will be his mother...on your special day this Sunday, go for a long walk in a nearby park, find a quiet place to sit and think about your son....write him a letter and tell him all the things you are holding in your heart, tell him in your own words what went wrong for you that you can't be with him now, what you would do to change things if you had known then what you know now (20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing), how much you love him and want only best for him (and I am on track there, am I not??), and then please, please...stop by a local homeless shelter, where so many other mothers are at their wits' end, trying to keep their children close by and "out of the system", and do whatever it is within your power to make that possibility happen, evem if it is only for one family...and ask that family to "pay it forward"
  • Why did you give him away? I am very sorry you miss him....Do you have the information to contact him? If so you probably could. Best of Luck!
  • The kids mothers is the one who adopted him and raised him.. I am sorry you feel this way, but trying to contact him is not good for him unless he is looking for you.
  • Is there any possibility of you seeing your son? Why did you give your son away?
  • You should feel very good that you gave him up for adoption rather than killing him. He will thank you one day. Be glad that he is with a family that loves him. Talk to other young mothers and reassure them that even if it's a struggle the love you get from your children is worth whatever sacrifices they must make.
  • of course you are still a mother you could buy yourself a rose bush and plant it in your yard in his honor and be prepared, he may look for your some time
  • What were the reasons you gave him up?

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