• I strongly don't believe that there are laws on selling puppies that aren't completely registered. We have bred Rat terriers and the male was not registered, but we still managed to get good prices. What you should do is research the average prices of St. Bernard puppies that are registered and then lower the price $100-$200 dollars as you see fit. Don't expect to be able to sell them at the same price and don't claim that they have registered parents because the buyer might ask for their lineage on both sides. If both are purebred and both look it, you still might be able to get the same amount for your puppy and someone did for their completely registered puppies. If a buyer is truly interested in a purebred, registered pup, then they are going to ask to see both parents anyway. If both are well built and meet the standards for the breed, you might be able to bargain and get a good amount of money. Simply put: Do some research! =D
  • I don't know the laws, I don't know the prices and I haven't the slightest idea what "pappered" means. All I know is that the St. Bernard is one of the most beautiful and adorable dogs in the world, so I hope everything goes well for your lovely canine family. :)

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