• Should civilians who never go to war have the right to make decisions on war? Just because we are not women does not mean we don't have the right to make these determinations. You seem to forget that every child has a biological father to and when you abort my child it affects me. You can't tell citizens that they can't make a decision on any policy because the policy will never affect them. Because then the civilian populace loses control over the military, only women get to decide on abortion, only minorities get to decide on afirmative action, only parents get to decide what child abuse is and isn't.
  • As HUMAN BEINGS we all have a duty to prevent murder. In my opinion, abortion is murder. Yes, men should, as a moral obligation to society, be involved in the decision process involving abortion, even though they cannot get pregnant. This is like asking, "Should you prosecute a murderer if you have never had someone murdered in your family?" or "Should you send someone to jail if you've never had something stolen from you." Abortion is murder. It doesn't take a particular sexual organ to see that.
  • Absolutely not, but that isn't to say that men should have no options. Perhaps the men should have the option of financially aborting, and relinquishing any responsibility and rights to a baby, or to offer to pay for all the expenses if he wants to be a father, but ultimately it's still the woman's choice, as it should be. Men should have some rights on the matter, but their rights regarding children end at the vaginal canal. If men became pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament. Do your worst Godsquad.
  • NO, man should not have a say on abortion unless he is married with the girl who is plannig the abortion. when you are married is different, but in other cases man should have no say because they are not the ones who are going to carry this baby for nine months. a woman knows what she wants, and a woman knows when shes ready for something as important as a baby, its our bodies and we decide what we want to do with it, who is anybody to judge that. i do agree with Metaphiz, abortion is murder, but i rather not have a baby then to bring him to this life to suffer pain and be thrown out in the streets to die alone. believe it or not, this happens alot, women dont want to abort but they decide to have the baby to later on decide to kill the baby or throw him in the streets... abortion to me should remain legal...think about all the babies born in this world suffering in the street abandoned by their own mother who went by what society thought about abortion, and did not care one bit about giving them up.
  • I don't think men should have exclusive rights to decide abortion laws (nor do I think they should exclusively decide any laws) and I think it's particularly important on issues which concern pregnancy and women's health to make sure that women have an input, seeing as, however you look at it, however far feminism can take us, laws regarding birth and pregnancy will always affect women more than men. But, on the basis that unborn babies are both male and female, I don't think that men should be excluded from the decision.
  • The tone in which you phrased the question begs a response. The fact of the matter is that most people who are against abortion are so for religious reasons. They are not all men as your question is phrased. That's like asking a question: Should men be responsible for providing child support for a kid they didn't want to have just because the girl got pregnant? I bet you would take offense to that.
  • Yes. Men are human too. They can't carry children in their own bodies to protect them if the mother doesn't want it, but they are still parents. I agree that women and mothers should have rights, extensive rights in this case, since it is their bodies involved, but I also believe that men should have the right to protect their offspring, and even unborn children should have the right to protection and life. <I am against abortion, with a few exceptions.>
  • When a couple are married then a man has a right to say, but any man can be the father of a child , only the women is definately affected by the pregnancy. No man should be in charge of making laws over a womans rights and body. This is one law that needs a larger percentage of female input. Many men that campaign on this issue are not willing to pay for the upkeep of their children after birth. I am not pro abortion but I m pro rights.
  • Yes, we should all have a say. We are all equals and should be treated as such, our voices all deserve to be heard.
  • I think ultimatly the descision has to come down to the woman, as it is her body. I do however think it is very sad to abort a baby which one parent (the father) want's to love and protect, but will never have that chance because he is bioligically incapeable of doing that for the first 9 months. I can understand why a woman, even if the father said he would take care solely of the baby once it was born would still wish to have it aborted, other than the issue of giving up your body for 9 months, at the end of it, if the guy decides he no longer wants the resposibility, it is the woman who is 'left holding the baby' and will face the judgement. on a wider scale (and more answering your question) I think men should be allowed to contribute to laws affecting abortion, however, men should not solely have these decisions, and I don't think they should have the right to now make it illegal as as said... it will never affect them.
  • They are the ones who do it now.
  • If you don't want a baby, keep your legs together.
  • i think so
  • No,let the pro life women outlaw it!
  • No, they arent the one who carries the baby, so why should they be able to choose?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Does that mean that when he doesn't want the baby and she does, he won't have to pay for childcare?
    • SavageWaffle
      No. if he didn't want the baby he should've thought of that before getting the girl pregnant.

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