• Because alcohol is a toxin and if your body receives more of this toxin than it can process it has an automatic defense reflex that expels as much of it as possible. This "defense reflex" is called "vomiting" and it is your body's normal and natural way of expelling anything that it "sees" as toxic - not just alcohol. It if didn't you would go into toxic shock and possibly die.
  • Where you can drink more...LOL
  • He can explain it :) Lol
  • It is very acidic. I don't actually throw up but I do get acid reflux issues and my drinks come up but never vilantly enough to become barf.
  • you are drinking the waste products of fermentation bacteria, and it is toxic. The body will expel harmful toxins. Those that carry on drinking after vomiting on alcohol are insane.
  • Because alcohol is a toxin which the body can react adversely to, if exposed to too much of it. Typical reactions of a body to toxins include efforts to eliminate the toxin from the body. This may include vomiting, as well as diarrhea. The liver also processes toxic chemicals in order to eliminate them. Vomiting is just a natural reaction to this.
  • The body consideres alcohol a poison. It doesn't belong there.

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