• your nervous thinking your pregnant
  • I'm on a birth control that totally stops my cycle, so I have no eggs to be fertilized. Plus my hubby works away so we can go weeks at a time with out having sex, and I still feel these small muscle spasms as I call them. If your worried buy a test or go to the Dr, and next time be safer! Good luck!
  • Nerves. Your digestive system. You can't feel a baby until several months into pregnancy.
  • A very few women have claimed to know they are pregnant immediately, or within a few days, and have (apparently) been proven right. But they are a very, very, very, very, very small minority throughout history.
  • It could be activation and movement of pelvic floor muscles during intercourse. muscles continue to contract after sex. Maybe u can take a pain killer. or if u are really concerned about pregnancy..after 5-10 days take a pregnancy test. Would just like to add that if it occurs frequently, i mean every time u have intercourse then maybe u should see a doctor because there are some severe conditions. otherwise it could just be muscle spasms...
  • Was the intercourse especially vigorous or rough? Could be that you've injured your cervix, and the spasms may be a symptom of that injury. It could also be that you're ovulating, as some women do report feeling actual pain when the egg is released.
  • I am 10 weeks pregnant and my husband and I had ''rough sex'' this morning and now I am in pain in my abdomen?

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