• i don't think gender makes any difference...developmetally, they aren't even close to being on the same page...unless the older one has developmental delays. in my state, it's illegal.
  • Under 18 yes, and illegal in most states, over 18 can be a different story
  • Not only is it wrong, if sex was involved, he could be charged with Statutory Rape. If that was my daughter, that pervert would definitely be dealing with me.
  • While not illegal (in Uk) I do find the scenario more than a little creepy. Ignoring the obvious, what could he be getting from her in that relationship.... which brings us straight back to the obvious! Certainly if any of my friends were doing that I'd be royally taking the piss out of em!
  • It's subjective. Personally, I'm alright with it because I have seen so much worse.
  • This is a tough question... Ethically, today, I think "No"... Mainly because I feel the child has not yet reached an age where she is able to establish her own future... However, my brother is 11 years older than me and dated someone that was in a class under me in high school.. Think she was 15 at the time (he was not quite 30 but around 27) and her mother allowed a marriage between them... They have been married for almost 25 years now with 2 kids and are financially stable... I've talked to her cause we were friends even in high school and she does feel she got married too soon but doesn't really have any regrets other than her not finishing school... Biologically, women are able to bear children as soon as they start having their period... But back when we were cavemen, there wasn't any money, there wasn't a need for education, and think we lived in groups as we are social creatures... During these times, I don't think there was a real wrong with being with a youthful girl as to have offspring to keep humans continuing on... I'm guessing men hunted/protected while women bear children and nutured them... Today, it takes a lot more than just breeding to get by... You have to have a career to have anything stable these days... And with the rate of divorce, this would leave the girl in a hardship especially if she concieved a child... This doesn't necessarily keep her from getting educated to make a living for herself but it does derail her some... So, personally, I think they should up the adult age to 21 not 16 or 17 as it is in the US cause education is usually essential part of being able to nurture a child... Medical expenses, education expenses, expenses just to have a roof over head and to warm your home to stay cool in winter, or to even get a decent meal... If a man promises to take care of her, I say then, wait till she has finished college or keep her in college and when she is 21, then you patience has rewarded you...
  • IF it's not illegal where you are, then the age difference is something they will have to deal with. A nephew of mine has been involved with a woman who is his fathers age. They have had comments such as "your son is really cute", "is your son dating anyone", etc. said to them.......many strange looks when they are holding hands, entering movies together, etc. Personally, it grosses me out.
  • Almost everyone answers this question with the under age thing. There are some states in the US where the age of concent is 12 and range between there and 18 so lets set the law part of the question to rest and accept that part. - Now is it some kind of moral wrong or right issue? This depends on what are considered moral or immoral standards of those involved in the relationship are. My opinion is if both are enjoying their relationship then it is noones business except theirs if they date or what they do. This is guarenteed by the first ammendment of the Constittion of the USA in the right of privacy statutes. (of course each country has their statutes to deal with so I am only speaking of the USA)
  • It's a personal opinion but I think it really doesn't matter about age or religion or whatever as long as they are both in love with each other. My father married my mom who was 16 years his junior.He is no more but she is still in love with him!
  • When I was 31 I started to go out with a girl aged 21. I do recall that as I was standing next to her, when we were out, that she would have been born around the time I was 10 years old. One problem I can see, could be that if they got married and had a family, the man could be very old when the kids were at school. One of my friends told me about the time her father went along to a meeting with the teachers at school, the teacher thought she'd brought her granddad!
  • Its also ilegal. Unless they arent actually doing anything.
  • It's not wrong unless there is sex involved, so as long as he keeps himself away from that part of the relationship he is fine
  • I don't think it is right. 22 and 18-, maybe, but 30+ and 18-, then that's wrong.
  • If they both know what's right or wrong then who we are to decide?
  • Yes it is only because the differences that would come through would be maturity level differences. Find it strange that someone needs to go that young to find a woman.
  • To me age is only a number.. YET that rule applies to those who are smart enough to be with other adults. I'm very much against adults dating minors.. it really pisses me off. I know to each their own, but that is one thing I'll not shut up about.. it is disgusting.
  • i think it's wrong too. i don't see what a 30 year old man would want with a girl who's not an adult yet. my stepsister just turned 18 this weekend & her boyfriend is 31 & she's 6 months pregnant with his child & living with him & his son from a previous marriage. i don't like it, but she's happy & that's all that matters now.
  • Well it's also kind of against the law. So your opinion is well supported.

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