• not an ounce..and I hope, hope, hope he gets convicted
  • Bush is no longer president. Get over it!
  • No, Carrying out execution orders is enforcing the will of the people of the state of Texas which is the governors job, He may be a dipsh*t but he at least got one thing right!
  • No, he is a citizen of the United States just like everyone else, no more of a man than you and me. He should not be levied because of his position, the law is the law and with him being a citizen under the American Constitution he should fall under it as any other would. That is what the constitution says, any man- no matter of position or rank has his responsibility for his actions and should be met accordingly.
  • While he was governor a man was charged, tried and found guilty of murder and was sentenced to death. He appealed for a new trial because his court appointed defender fell asleep during the trial. Bush refused to allow it. Not surprising, the Bush staff member responsible for the paperwork refusing the new trial was Alberto Gonzales. I HOPE there is a special place in hell for W and his crew.
  • His actions as a governor were completely legal and in any case have nothing to do with his actions as President, legal or not.
  • Aye.. indeed he should be granted immunity while acting in and what we entrusted him in the best interest of these United States of America.
  • I don't know any of the rules about this or the differing specifics for each state, maybe he was just doing his job despite how grim that is, but ridiculing the condemned is pretty disgusting. I mean they're about to die, did he really need to rub it in?
  • No. Capital punishment is the law in Texas, and nothing he did as president can be classified as first degree murder. If there's anything at all that he should be held accountable for, ridiculous arguments like this one serve only to delegitimize any valid statements to that fact, rendering any accusation moot in the public eye.
  • sorry charlie in Texas if you kill somebody we kill you back. that's just the way we roll no matter who is governor. ya'll need to get another hobby besides bashing President Bush.
  • This question is an absurdity of the highest nature! Again to whoever DRed this question: This question is an absurdity of the highest nature!
  • i don't really like bush.. even if he went to a site where people talk about ruling the world and posted for them to become the president [lol].. so i don't know. didn't he also let the CIA torture people? and he runs the country and .... i'm thinking a little but only because he has feelings. and they should think logically if they do decide to convict him of first degree murder.
  • These are two unrelated sequences of events. As a Governor, he didn't take part in the trials or sentencing of these people. They were tried and convicted by the courts and juries of their peers. A governor may, indeed, pardon people or delay execution of the sentence for a period of time, but he is NOT obligated to do so. As for this woman who "begged him to spare her life": If you are talking about Karla Faye Tucker, my personal opinion is "Who gives a rats *ss?" That woman cold bloodedly killed two people with a pick-axe AS THEY LAY IN BED. Do I care that her parents were divorced when she was young and dumped her and her sisters on their own? No. Do I care that she was smoking pot at the age of 8 and shooting herion at 13? No. Do I care that she dropped out of school at 14 to become a prostitute just like dear old Mommy? No. Do I care that she was truely remorseful? No. Do I care that she found religion? No. Do I care that for 14 years she was a model prisoner? No. In June, 1983, Karla was 23 years old when she murdered Deborah Thornton and Jerry Lynn Dean in bed. And she BRAGGED to her friends that the killings turned her on, sexually. TWENTY THREE YEARS OLD! At SOME point in a person's life they must become responsible for their own actions. If you haven't figured this out by the age of 23 while hacking people to death in their own bed with a pick-axe, then WHEN is this supposed to happen? Twenty three years plus heineous murder plus conviction in a trial by a jury of her peers equaled DEATH PENALTY in the State of Texas. The time for leniency ENDED June 13, 1983 in my opinion.
  • For that, particularly as governor, he was just doing his job. It was the law. What he did during his presidency, however....that's a different story. He should've followed the UN laws that were to govern his behavior and actions. I believe he should be held accountable for his actions, he broke the laws. You can't just accuse some country of something, lie to the world, declare war, and expect to come out of it with no consequences.
  • So you don't think the people that murder should be excecuted and what did the woman do to get the death penelty,I geuss someone will have to kill someone in your family for you to see what is really going on.

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