• I must be the luckiest lady on earth. My sister was the pretty one, so I have never had to worry about my looks. I have other attributes, and I don't wear any kind of make up or cosmetics. Wash with plain old mild soap and water, and I'm all done.
  • Really? I use a collagen lotion and a Q-tip for my eye makeup. I'll have to try that baby shampoo thing! I don't wash my face with soap. I scrub it with a paste of ground oatmeal and milk, rinse it with cold water, then use lemon juice as an astringent. ^_^ Soap strips your face of natural oils and actually convinces your glands to produce MORE oil than necessary!
  • well use pink victoria secret body lotion extra soft right after you get out of the shower and put it on your face it will make your skin really smooth and soft you really wont have to use as much make up
  • Johnson's baby shampoo is great... even people with sensitive skin can use it every day instead of soap. I alternate using a scrubbing cleanser and a mud mask, and a simple facial cleanser.... I rarely use make-up, and I find that if I care for my skin gently it makes a big difference with less break-outs and looking fresh and healthy.
  • The Johnsons baby shampoo is a brilliant idea. I had an eye problem and the eye doctor told me to wash my eyes with that stuff because it doesnt burn your eyes and is not harmful at all. Im surprised more people dont know. Its great for bathing kittens who are too young for flea shampoos. You still have to flea comb them but its safe for animals.
  • Drinking plenty of water and yoga for healthy and glowing skin .
  • dont have one

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