• I'll turn the sandwich into a vegetarian Vietnamese bread roll with, â—• 2 fresh leaves of green Chinese shallot, â—• few slices of lightly fried texturized soy roll, â—• 1 length wise of thin and wide slice of fresh cucumber, â—• generous amount of finely shredded carrot (previously softened in vinegar, water, salt and sugar), â—• four thin slices of grilled firm tofu (marinated in Hoisin sauce) , â—• four bread lengths of fresh corriander, â—• sprinkle on a few drops of flavoured soy sauce, â—• sprinkle on pepper powder, â—• optional extras - (fresh slices of fresh hot Thai chili and/or Veganaise) For healthful soup, I 'd do the Chinese styled soup (ie, clear broth) â—• shiitake mushrooms â—• large cuts fresh carrots â—• a few spoonful of whole soy beans â—• a few spoonful of black beans (with green kernel) â—• half a handful of white fungus â—• 1 piece of rehmannia glutinosa 25g â—• 1 piece of radix rehmannia 25g â—• 8 slices of dried yam â—• 5 cuts of angelica root â—• 2 dried red dates â—• 1 cut ginseng root (optional) Slow cook to preserve clarity of soup and until white fungus turn slightly jelly-like. Seasoned to taste.

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