• Well Bush was probably high on cocaine at the time, so who knows what he was hearing.
  • Bush needs to remember that toilets are vessels, too. If you were God, would you recommend war?
  • Neither of them, they are both liars...and full of deciet, neither of them fullfill Gods will...both of them have brought pain and violence and murders to people...They both walk the same hand in hand... Who is the pope to be called "father" Who is he to sit upon his thrown with a sceptor? Who is he to have the riches of the world? (gold, pearls, scarlet, and purple) Who is the president who speaks hypocrisy. Who is he...that invades for personal wellbeing (oil) Who is he that forgets his people...during katrina and 911??.... A man not of his word, or of God...but a man of greed.
  • oh brother....
  • Neither, i don't think the pope is the word of god, he is nothing but a man just like the prsdident. they both said what THEY thought was for the good of the people.
  • Let there be no mistake that God would ALWAYS be in favor of peace.
  • Wouldn't supprize me to find out that psycho hears voices.
  • Considering that Bu$h also had no problem with torture, excuse me, "enhanced interrogation techniques" I'd say that the Son of God might have a few things to say concering HIS 'enhance interrogation techniques' inflicted upon HIM.
  • Neither. God doesn't exist and anyone who hears his voice is dangerously delusional. Bush proved that to be true in his case. He also believed in non-existent WMD, mobile germ labs, a connection between Iraq and 9-11, that his "Mission" was accomplished, that Brownie did a hell of a job... As for the Pope - I don't know if he hears voices or not - but I am very glad his office no longer comes with a very large military. +5
  • Want to cite that please? I know for a fact that's not what he said or says. Be truthful rather than making things up. Surely there are enough TRUE things you can complain about regarding the former president. Why create fiction and throw it out as fact? But as to the difference between the Pope and God --- The Pope is a man, he is not God, nor is he a leader of any church affiliated with the former president who is not Catholic.
  • All men sin even the Pope.

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