• ...Well if you love can overcome it... but...were you guys sexual before she told you? Go get checked ASAP...even if she went down, or anything....if you were sexual before she told you, that was wrong.. but if you already have it...well, just stay with her i guess.
  • you should stay with her no matter what if you realy love her you will stay by her side no matter what
  • Herpes is controllable. With the right precautions and an honest partner you should be OK. There are drugs she can be prescribed to control the breakouts. Use a condom always. You should be alright. Talk with your own doctor for advice.
    • Victorine
      Condoms, unfortunately, are not great protection against herpes, because they don't cover the groin area.
  • Go. There is no cure. You have to ask yourself if you want to have herpes the rest of your life.
  • 1 in 4 people have Herpes. I am not gonna tell you what you should do, but check out some websites for more info on this particular disease....its for life. One more thing.....WEAR A CONDOM!!
  • Well... I have to say, I would be inclined not to take it any further. Or, I would stay with her but sex would be off the table for me... I guess it depends on the depth of your feelings for her, whether you love her or see a future. I would say it is not worth catching herpies for somebody you have only just got together with. My opinion, thats all.
  • I agree. Get tested, and herpes, as I learned in freshman sex ed class (I knew it'd come in handy one day), is controllable and if she sees a doctor, specific meds can control breakouts. And then there's the whole if you love her, stay with her. Just be careful about getting physical if you don't have it. Good luck!
  • It depends on what your plans are. For now work it under cover, use a condom, and don't put your tongue there either until you figure it out. I don't think it is our job to advise you on making that decision. I use to have a girlfriend with herpes 15/17 years ago, I don't have it, I broke up but not over that, the girl was a nut! Anyway, becareful!
  • stay if you really love but if it is just sex go. and if you dont think it can go the longest yard, go
  • Personally she gets an A+ for being up front and honest with you. So I say, if she can be honest aboutg something like that you got a keeper there! I wish you well in your decision making!
    • Linda Joy
      She's required to by law! Its a crime not to disclose it!,an%20STD%20is%20a%20crime.
  • WEAR A CONDOM as she should have done before. You can treat but can't cure...that is a tough one to answer but I reckon that The Midwest latina has got it right - find out what you can. My boyfriend has Hep C - which is shit but I don't have it or never will as we're careful but I certainly found out about it. I was actually a bit relieved when he told me cos for some wierd reason I knew something was up and thought he was going to tell me something terrible like he'd murdered someone (don't laugh, that's already happened to me so I'm naturally wary!) I don't think he's ever had a girl laugh with relief before!!!! I love him though so what can I do?
    • Victorine
      Condoms, as I posted earlier, are not good protection against herpes, because they do not cover the groin area. People should use them as protection against other STDs, but against herpes, they are not efficient.
  • she was honest with you,herpes schmerpes,wear a condom.
    • Victorine
      Condoms don't help much against herpes, because they don't protect the groin area.
  • Ok, let's say you stay. And get herpes. And then breakup. Herpes. Forever. and ever. and ever. You would be wise to stay just friends. I'm sorry.
  • Im sorry everyone needs love, but i would not be dating anyone that had any type of catchy diease, you have to think about your future too, i know you love the girl and all but what happens if things don't work out you will end up hating her and having herpes then who is gonna want to date you. I wouldn't sorry not tryin to sound like an ignorant bitch but i love my life too much for me to be restricted or to tell anyone o hey by the way i have herpes do you still want to date me NO!!!!
  • Tough choice. I have a friend in this situation. He did the research, counted the cost and stayed with the girl because he loved her and respected her all the more for telling him up front. She's very aware of her body and tell him when it's active so that the appropriate steps can be taken to prevent the spread. It seems to be working . . . BTW, she is now his fiancee'.
  • I would GO.
  • I cant tell you what you should do because I don't know how serious you are or how long you have been together, but if it was me I would end it right then and there.
  • just remember, girlfriends come and girlfriends go... but herpes is forever. I would recomend thanking her for her honesty and remain good friends. what? how did this get a DR?
  • Go go and nt look back. At the end of the day most girls are really not worth the hassle, and this 1 wants 2 give u herpes believe me it aint worth it. Its like getting married, u will be marked by her 4 life!!! think about it, seriously.
  • I'm gonna get negative points for this, but buddy, I'm pretty sure that you have what it takes to get yourself a clean girl. DO NOT BREAK UP WITH HER! At least not now!!! That would make you an asshole, you'd feel bad yourself. But after a couple of weeks/months, you ought to leave her for a different reason, even if you have to make it up. Get a girl with no STDs, they're out there LOL just like attractive female virgins, "there's plenty of other fish in the sea"
  • Well, I think a surprising amount of the population have herpes. I can't remember the statistic. I say, go for it. I mean, don't let the herpes be an impediment to the relationship. So far as I know, breakouts can be controlled to some extent. Learn everything there is to know about herpes now, so you can try to prevent transmission, and so you'll know what to do when/if you experience symptoms. Preparation is an awesome thing.
    • bostjan64
      You've been scammed. There is no cure for herpes. None. Once you have it, the virus's DNA integrates into your own DNA. It can be treated and controlled, but there is no way to get "cured." Please get retested before you make a horrible mistake.
    • Linda Joy
      She must have edited after your comment?
  • The gift that keeps on giving....tough one!
  • If you like her a lot, you should stay. It was very cool of her to tell you the truth before it was too late. Just wear a condom. If you like her, stay with her.
    • Linda Joy
      Cool? Its the law! To not disclose is a crime!
  • Go while the going is good.
  • well, since she is your NEW girlfriend, i'd tell you to proceed with caution. if the relationship tanks and you get herpes, you're stuck with it forever. and then another girl might be faced with the problem you have now, but concerning YOU. i know what i would do - stay bf/gf, but not get intimate.
  • Use protection
    • Victorine
      Won't help. There is no protection you can wear against herpes. Condoms don't protect the groin area. They are, however, effective against other STDs.
  • New girlfriend? I'd say go. Both of you would probably be more comfortable with someone more compatible with you. If you really loved this woman you wouldn't be here asking this question, or even considering leaving her.
    • Victorine
      He didn't say they weren't compatible. A chronic medical issue isn't synonymous with lack of personal compatibility. If they weren't compatible at all, it's unlikely he'd be hesitating about leaving. Obviously, there's something about this woman that's keeping him from doing so.
    • Linda Joy
      IMHO if one person has herpes and the other one doesn't they are not as compatible as two who have herpes and two who don't. I didn't say they weren't compatible AT ALL. And I'd never advise anyone to continue in a relationship that has issues of any kind this early. I know how hard it is to make it work when you are madly in love. And the statistics on staying together are not good either, even if one DOESN'T have herpes!
  • Medication can control outbreaks. I suggest that you go with her to talk to her doctor about the situation and the best way to protect yourself. Plenty of people live with a partner who has herpes. It's not inevitable that you will get it. Whether you should stay depends, obviously, on how you feel about this woman. You haven't told us that, so we're in no position to tell you what to do. Get medical advice before you make any decisions.

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