• Yes, they can do that. If you don't like it, leave. Since they're clearly a band of evil cat haters, I suggest you get out of there. Bad feline karma can only hurt you.
  • Your boss shouldn't have to intervene, although he certainly can. You aught to be polite enough to remove it as a courtesy to your co-worker. It's just good manners.
  • Yes, they can, even though catering to an employee's irrational fear is entirely asinine. It's not as if you're having to accommodate a person with a disability. Well, maybe... a mental disability.
  • They shouldn't, just because he's can't stomach a picture of a fuffy cat! Come on! It's a picture of a cat! It's not as if it's a real cat.
  • Did that really happen? I think I'd be "that person" who had a big CENSORED sign and would put it over the cat picture when that other person was near. +5
  • This seems familiar and I really don't know why!!! Anyway, s/he is perfectly within his rights to do that. It is up to him what posters are displayed, or even if he allows them at all.
  • I would replace it with a cartoon cat, just to see if the nut-job complains about that.
  • Yes, they can. The issue is about what personal items you can/can't display in your public work space -- a space your employer has provided for your use, but which is ultimately owned by your employer. If something you display upsets someone, it's entirely at your employer's discretion whether or not to insist you remove it.
  • Dude, you've got a landmark legal case in your hands. That's feline descrimination you're talking about there
  • I think the more important questions is, is that really a battle worth fighting? It is just a poster after all. Just take it down.

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