• You can eat meat and get protien, but you can also get it from beans...and other things. A con of eating meat is our digestive systems dont work as well digesting meat...becuase of its design. Meat really isnt a nessessity...but you must eat other things in replace of it. I eat meat cuz I like the taste...but not all the time, and only GOOD MEAT. Pork isnt really all that healthy...or cow...Now if you get a free range is good stuff...buffalo high in "good cholesterol"...Same with free inhappy chicken, is an unhealthy chicken. And eat NO STEROIDS...unless you wanna grow parts of you that arnt ment to be grown....
  • the pro is it is a good source of proteen. the con is you dont know what the animal was fed. we know cattle ranchers have feed lots and cows for example end up eating all kinds of bad stuff. like they are vegetarians...but they get fed the left over meat from their brothers and sisters.

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