• not under the influence, but afterwards yes. i think you can get put on probation
  • Well if you get caught by the police, you get a Minor Consumption charge and have to go to court and all that and usually end up doing community service for some number of hours. It goes on your criminal record and it can also affect whether or not you're allowed to drive before a certain age. It eventually gets taken off your record (i think it's after a specific number of years or when you turn 21 or something). I've never had one but I know over 20 people who have. A lot of them also got drug tested and sent to treatment facilities as a result by their parents. the cops won't do that.
  • I have gotten caught more than once. If the cop is nice they just give you a ticket for Minor in Posession of Alcohol, but if they are in a crappy mood and you are not alone they could give you contributing to minor(even if you are a minor too) or public intoxication...I was fortunate to have a nice cop...well not nice, but fair.
  • Yes I have gotten an MIP. I was at a senior keg that was busted. I was on unsupervised propation for 1 year had to pay a $150.00 fine and had 10 days of jail time suspened.
  • Say hello to community service

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