• Ask probing questions and let them come out with answers . Ask in such a way that the answers will be the rt ones. Dont make it a one way lecture. Good Luck.
  • Self-worth is something that has to be nurtured, not necessarily taught. Praising your child more often than scolding or preaching at them helps accomplish this. It doesn''t have to be about every little thing, but it does need to be done regularly. Allowing your child to express his or her thoughts openly, without interruption, and without invalidation them, also helps. It doesn't mean you have to agree with them, or allow them what they want, but they need to know you don't consider them a second-class member of the family, and that you care about hearing what they have to say.
  • I'm of the mindset that positive self-worth (among many if not all important concepts) must be modeled rather than explained. This is why conscious parenting is so important - because there are no quick fixes. One explanation will almost never convince a person to change their way of thinking; the foundation has to be laid one layer at a time, and it doesn't happen overnight.
  • Self worth is something for the most part they will learn on there own. It's not so much in the teaching as it is in how you treat your child. I came from a family who didn't care much and therefor did not give me the encouragement I needed to have a strong scene of self worth. If your tell them when they do a good job and don't make them feel worthless and can't do anything.. they will have a strong scene of self worth. They will also see you as a good parent and love you all the more for it.

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