• My hubby and I talked about this and when we were kids 35 years ago - this would not have even hit the papers or anything. Today if a kid goes missing for a minute - the cops are called and and amber alert is issued. Sometimes it's a waste of money because the kid is right there, but other times it is tragic. I think we live in a media age now and everything is scrutinized - for the good and the bad. When I was a kid you could walk all over town barefoot. Imagine that!
  • If they were four years old or something I could see the point, but surely at thirteen you are often alone without adult supervision outside anyway? At that age I was regularly getting kicked off the school bus two miles from home for misbehaving and it wasn't considered a big deal.
  • It is the possibilities of what COULD happen within those two miles that has people upset. Child molesters, being hit by a car, murderers.....all these things are possible. It was a very irresponsible thing to do. She got fed up over her children's actions because SHE failed to control them and teach them important lessons in the 13 years leading up to this event. Why should the kids pay for her bad parenting skills? SHe didn't do it to teach a lesson....she did it because she was upset. It was all about her at that point.
  • Yes. 13 year olds should be made to walk far more often. Its good for their body,character and mind.
  • Oh my gosh... so, how are kids supposed to walk to and from school alone? Is this child cruelty now? Rediculous.
  • I would definitely sue for false arrest. That's just ridiculous!
  • Two miles is a long way to walk at once unless you've trained. It also depends in the area - whether it was a relatively sale place or along a busy highway. She might have been arrested, but I'm almost willing to bet that they let her off with a warning and put her on probation if it's her first "offense."
  • This is why i cant have kids, because i would not be able to discipline them the way i was. I'll be damned if i have to have an unruly child, like most are turning out, because the government thinks everything is bloody child abuse.
  • That's stupid.
  • I read about that. The woman is a lawyer in a major law firm. I'm sure she will come out okay in the end. Apparently a lot of it had to do with the location where she put them out of the car and the fact that the girls (10 and 12) screamed, cried, and chased the car, thus attracting the attention of people passing by. The older girl caught up with the car (it doesn't say how)and was allowed back in, but the younger one was not and was left screaming and crying. It is something I wouldn't have hesitated to do to my children in our town. Growing up, all my daddy had to say was, "Do you want me to stop this car?" We never wanted him to stop the car, and he never had to.
  • stupid wrong buttons again
  • I under it was a 10 and 12 year old and that she allowed the 12 year old back in but the 10 year old was later brought home by the police when found crying. Abuse is abuse. I am glad they arrested her.
  • yes i do agree that in some situations child protection seems to be far to much. but from experience working in a childrens centre it seems to be that cases that are not all that serious social services seem to go crazy about and yet cases where children really need immediate help or parents are practically begging for support nothing seems to happen. i also know from working in different areas that it seems to depend on that areas social services team as to how well they do there jobs, from personal experiences i have met far to many laid back social workers that have been told a child has been beaten up by there parents and ask the child in front of that person if they have been hit (the child obviously said no out of fear) the family was taking off records being told they were model parents ... whereas another family, really were excellent annd they were accused of neglecting there children but as it is almost impossible to sue social services not all that much is being done to protect the right children. which makes it all the more worrying about the future of our society
  • my mam did that to us. but she just drove far enough to make us panic. 2 miles is a bit much i think
  • That's totally wrong 2 miles is far! The reason she kicked them out is stupid. She could have disciplined differently.
  • how about the lady that was donating money through some kinda atm machine... she parked her car only what was a sidewalk distance ... 3-5 ft... turned on with the ac running car locked( she had a new auto where she could keep the car on and have the keys with her).. and her toddler sleeping in the car...... she had the keys in her hand.. it took her 4minutes a police man saw her and arrested her...

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