• Hmmmm The strong possibility that you likely have nothing but hate for Obama makes me hesitant to answer any question you may have on black people. Seems like a setup
  • "John Hanson, occasionally called the First President of the United States, was the President of the Continental Congress in 1781–1782. There may be more myths circulating about him than about almost any other figure in American history." "Dick Gregory, comedian and African-American activist, publishes an on-line column called Global Watch. In one of his columns he repeated most of the myths and added a new one, that John Hanson was the descendant of an African American. There are two possible origins for this belief. The first is that Hanson's grandfather, another John Hanson, was an early English immigrant to Maryland. As was common at the time, he worked as an indentured servant on his arrival in the New World to pay off the cost of his passage. In 1661, his first master, William Plumley, sold his contract to Edward Keene and recorded the contract with the court of Calvert County, Maryland; similar court records were also used to transfer title to land and slaves. But, in six years, the immigrant John Hanson had worked his way out of debt. A few years later, he purchased his own small farm. There is no record that the grandfather was black, but the record of sale of the indenture contract may have been confused by researchers with that of chattel slavery. Another alternative may be a simple case of confusion with Senator John Hanson, a politician from Liberia, who was involved with the resettlement of former slaves and free blacks in that country. Whilst this Hanson was indeed black, he lived a hundred years too late to be an ancestor of Hanson of the Continental Congress." Source and further information: Further information:

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