• Apple Pie.
  • I was thinking about that yesterday! Wow. Great minds think alike. Anyways, I think that Americans only have "American cheese", because America is made up of many different cultures and their foods. But I still don't know about why France has so many signature foods when many other countries have none. I mean, what about Russia?! (and by the way, all of the foods you have named are a product of Americans)
  • Well, we have American Pie!
  • That's why French cuisine is so highly regarded, they've come up with many dishes over a long period of time and have made an art of it, those have gained worldwide popularity. I love British culture but -sorry if I'm offending any British ABers here- besides certain exceptions, their cooking is not particularly appreciated or as popular beyond their country. As for America (U.S.): You also have the all famous "American pie" : )
  • What the hell? We have lots! Scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream, eccles cake, manchester tart, sticky currant buns, iced fingers, jam donuts, apple crumble, spotted dick, roly poly and custard. The french can stick their horse meat, frogs legs and snails up my rosy english arse!
  • I think so many of our famous foods are more known by the area of the country they come from and less for the country as a while. Kentucky Fried Chicken, Philly Cheesesteak, New York Cheesecake, New England Clam Chowder.
  • Neither French toast nor Fench fries are French, I've never heard of the other two. This means you could include Zuppe Inglese as an English dish (even though it's not) No one really names a food after their country, only other countries do that when it steals recipes, so it's less likely you'll have heard of English or American dishes if you're English speaking (not to mention both England and America are very diverse countries which would have taken foods from elsewhere). Another point is that there are far more foods named after places than after countries such as Yorkshire puddings, Chelsea buns, Key Lime Pie, etc.
  • You left out pizza. The french have alway been very inventive with food. Actually, who cares? We have beer and pretezels. Drink enough beer and you will not care who has what.
  • English breakfast
  • Actually they are all American terms. The french certainly don't have french fries. The English don't have English muffins and we do have good American cheese products here. American idioms are what is up with that. Go out and order some jerk chicken the Jamaicans made that stuff up. Hot and yummy
  • *whimper* Now you've gone and trigger my depression again.
  • Ireland isnt know for any food I dont think just Guinness and Baileys. I love French toast tho all eggy and nice :D In Ireland we call walkers English crisps and I LOVE Yorkshire puddings.
  • english breakfast. i guess you dont call it that in america
  • Student ~ how 'bout Irish Stew & just about anything potato. It's the Scots I worry about. Hagus anyone?
  • Well those things you mention aren't actually French. The Uk and the US also have spines which the french have seemed to live without for so long.
  • most of those are not even french or english. they are american inventions that are giving that name for some reason. most of the chinese food in a chinese resturant isnt even chinese its just called chinese. Ironically chinese people still serve it in resturants in the states.

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