• That's ridiculous. A simple note or phone call would have sufficed to inform you of the situation. I would definitely put a call in to the school to request a meeting with the principal to explain why you believe this was an inappropriate response to the situation.
  • I would have that teacher in the principal's office and the school board as soon as she arrived at school She does not need to be around kids. This shows that she is an abusive person in the closet and has not been caught yet. Take him out of her class, demand it as she has now mentally abused your child and could have done possible demage to him. And you know she made a fool out of him in front of all the other classmates. Ask them and you will see. Take her ass down, she does not belong around kids.
  • I saw that on the news. That teacher just assumed that belonged to the student because he had accidents in the past. It could have belonged to any student. I can guarantee you that teacher would have Hell to pay. I would go all the way to the dept of Education with a complaint. I would NOT let it go. She doesn't deserve to be teaching
  • While the correct thing to do would be go to the schoolboard or Principal, I think I'd just go down there, yank her ass out of class, hold her down in the hallway and make her eat it. I'd go to jail, but I wouldn't feel guilty.
  • wow! I am a teacher - I didn't know we had that option! Seriously though - that is very odd behaviour!
  • I'd eat a handful of laxatives, break into the teacher's house, and go wild. Poop in some strange places they'd never find it, like down the heat/AC vents and stuff. In the oven and turn it on. Fill a ziplock and toss it into a ceiling fan on HIGH, (the shhh has hit the fan...). Etc...
  • I would send my child to a different school.
  • I would return it signed and place it on "teachers" desk
  • What a mind she has got!
  • WHAT? I would return the favor. Dog or cat poop in their inbox/ mailbox.
  • Oh my gosh! WHY are some people teachers????
  • That woman better run and hide, if she did that to my child, she would at the very least get ripped apart verbally and fired, I would expose her to the news stations, the media, put ads in the newspaper, no one messes with my babies, then I am sure odd things would begin happening around her for awhile. I did have one teacher fired, for slamming my son into a locker in 5th grade, he almost got his ass kicked by one of my friends.
  • Teacher is not playing with a full deck! Despicable. Drag her before the principal including the school board. Get children's rights organization involved! I think of that poor child and how the teacher must have treated him/her when this happened - outright emotional abuse. Remove the teacher immediately.
  • What did the note say? As someone who teaches, the only explanation I can think of is the teacher was concerned for the child's health and sent the poop home in case your doctor wanted a sample. (In case the accident meant your child was ill.) I would call the teacher first, and ask what he/she was thinking. Sometimes it is more innocent then you think. (Not that I would send poop home, I would instead call you or have the school nurse talk to you.)
  • What did the note say?
  • I would have a talk with that teacher. Afterall, the accident happened on her "watch"!! That was a horrible way to deal with the situation. I'm sure the child was embarrassed enough without having a bigger deal made of it. I think that teacher's supervisor needs to re-educate her on her problem solving skills.
  • I would be there the very next morning and make sure I have a talk with the teacher, their supervisor and make sure she/he knows how fucking insane they are and do my damndest to have them fired, tout suite. In another life I would kick their ass but I'm civilized now. Who the 'ell does that? It's unsanitary, insensitive and HE'S FIVE YEARS OLD!!!! That's it, who is this bitch, I'm going over now......
  • The thought of bringing it back to school and smearing it in her face comes to mind! That's how outraged I was when I read this. She may have gotten sick or something. Whatever caused that to happen to the kid was probably so embarrassing to him/her, badly enough without the teacher acting like a fool and causing more angst and problems! She's a lucky woman that it wasn't my child! I hate to see would would have become of her. Believe it or not, I'm pretty easy going; but if you do something like that to me or my children, you better run! I do remember when my daughter was in 2nd grade, her teacher, Mrs. Weiner, who seemed to have no communications skills from what I saw; sent home a garbage bag with my daughter that had a note attached that said "this is the contents of you daughter's desk." I was stunned. It was her papers that she had obviously just shoved in her desk so they were crumbly, along with crayons, etc. My daughter told me the teacher was mean to her because of the mess and embarrassed her in front of everybody, pulling the papers out and putting them in the garbage bag. My daughter was very smart and got A's, and she was neat at home. Every time she played I taught her to put her stuff away so I was shocked. Thank goodness it was close to the end of the year because I was so pissed that when I saw her, I couldn't even speak to her for fear of what I might say or do! If looks could kill, she would have died on the floor! She knew better than to approach me without me ever saying a word; it was that obvious how angry she made me!
  • I think it would have sufficed had the teacher simply called a janitor to clean up the "accident." Seems like this teacher made a big deal out of something that often happens with small children. If she is not prepared to deal with all possible things that could happen in her class, then she should not be teaching.
  • That is sick and immature as he**...My response would probably be equally so, resulting in my being charged with Assault with Feces on the teacher.

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