• May be change the name to a more unique one ?
  • There's no specific place that a video goes. It goes by relevance of the video to the category. Apparantly, the video isn't that relevant to the category you put it in. If you want the video to be towards the front, then hit the date added button. If should be towards the front because it was recently put in. You should pick a different title that has more revelence to the category that you put the video in. Other than that, you haven no conrol what so ever as to where the video is.
  • Hi there I work with online public relations, and videos are really a great way to get som relation - from the public. You should upload it to all sites that you can imagine - and even more. There is a lot of them. You could also do what many other people do. Let me help you get your video uploaded to more 35 social video sites, and get top results in Google within half an hour on your keywords. This is very powerfull, and will lead a lot of people to your website, if it is done properly. If you are interested, send me and email on winum(a) Talk soon, Winum
  • I may be wrong but video promotion is kind of a new thing. I mean, before, all you had to do was upload it and people would see it. Nowadays however, there are tons of sites and 1000 times more videos than ever before! Video promotion is a must if you want more views. Here's a good site to get started: For other ways to promote a video, checkout their page here: Good luck!

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