• But languages can't die.There are some people who manipulate language according to them,but many people are still loyal to that language.So don't worry.
  • Amen!!!!!!!!!!!! :( Especially the abbreviation on here!
  • Disagree. The English language is always changing. People said the same things with the influx of slang terminology that came out of the 20th century. Considering for most of the 1000 years the language was being developed the literacy rate was ridiculously low, and in a modern sense, reading old English is often incomprehensible for most people, it's clear that English is a language that has been developed and is always changing. Just wait until American language goes the way of Spanglish; people are gonna' be freaking out. Give it fifty years - it's gonna' be awesome. (this, coming from an English major lol)
  • Disagree. Even though text language & abbreviations are used, they aren't used all the time.
  • Agreed. I appreciate the language always has & will continue to develop over time but do we really need inane phrases, misspellings & abbreviations in the Oxford Dictionary? If 'innit' ever gets in I'm changing nationality.
  • Disagree. When texting, it is necessary to abbreviate to save time and some phone limit the amount of characters you are able to input. . No need to impress you friends with spelling and grammar in a text or instant message conversation.
  • ah we still know what it means in real english though
  • no, Abbreviations do not destroy any language. It just help to save time .
  • I will start worrying about when people start talking text.: )
  • I'm very traditional when it comes to the Englsh language. Words have meaning and, it's my belief, that they are being de-valued when not used in the proper form and context. I just hate having to search a list of abbreviations in order to continue reading a posting.
  • Are we not all guilty to some extent in this ever changing world. I personally think its going to far, its almost a different language being invented by and for lazy people.
  • The English language isn't under threat from texting, we are just evolving another form of communication that is adapted to the environment in which it is used. Besides English is a such a mess as far as languages go, full of ambiguity and dissonance. And that follows through to the written version of it. Maybe it is time we separated the ideograms from the verbal and streamlined the whole process.
  • i dont think so txt speak is just another feature of english it's another evolution and it improves the language it does'nt destroy it.
  • Disagree. First, it's hundreds, not thousands of years. More importantly it is and will forever be looked WAY down upon in professional writing. If I saw an application with text abbreviations on it I wouldn't just look it over, I'd throw it away to be sure I didn't accidentally call them in the future. By the way, I HATE text talk in writing at all. Though I use "LOL" often as a short sweet way to acknowledge a person's comment as humorous and appreciated. It has it's place, but people need to know what you're talking about, and most importantly in the real world people need to know you have a brain.
  • The English language has been adopting slang for many decades, with the saving grace that only a small percentage of it is retained for any extended period of time. The present fad of texting and abbreviation wouldn't be so intimidating if there was a good, basic spelling foundation behind it, but presently, that isn't always the case. So, my answer is that I sympathize with you completely. The English language is a long way from perfect, but I think it will survive.
  • Texting and abbreviating is what people do who don't care about the beauty of words. Those of us who do simply won't let the language die out,and won't sacrifice it to the short-takers. I don't text but I imagine the longer the message the greater the to save money these people are willing to screw around with spelling, using as few letters as are possible to save the big bucks. I don't know how prevalent it is, but I do believe it is a fad and like all fads the next hot thing will take its place. Perhaps there will be another Golden Age of Enlightenment and people will respect and honor words again! :)
  • AMEN !! I second the notion, vote carried unapposed. :)
  • Lots of people can't even "read" and/or "write". It HASN'T destroyed the English language! Texting is only a means to accomplish a momentary message!
  • A lot of paper would be wasted if it wasn't for abbreviation lol. I agree that it is excessive, but sometimes you need it to be short or save time.
  • Ageed.It's found all over the world.It's not only texting and abbreviations,but also the ways of sending IMs. "am da 1 4 u". Sometimes the use of improper grammar and capitalization. "I **aren't** the one who *Do* it". Sometimes spellings and punctuations. I am a *parson* who is *allways* *actieve* but(comma missing) my *brodher* *nocks* me *doun* by his *lazynes*. . Finally,copying someone's accent that is not natural to you.It has become a trend now a days to talk in a fashion to make yourself sound cool but,that drops so many natural essence and ingredients that your originality has instilled in your language.The basic thing that the voice lacks are clear cut wordings and an intelligible presentation.
  • Disagree. And I hate the way people write texts. But the question is based on assumptions that are in correct. English was not "developed" over thousands of years into it's current incarnation, that implies that it is a finished product, which can be destroyed. Language evolves, constantly, look at the differences between British English and American English, or Canadian English and American English even. Yes, I find the current level of slang and abbreviation going on in a lot of communications to be annoying. But you can't ruin a language practiced by so many people.

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