• I don't know any British children, but the well behaved American children I know I would say have parents with similar traits. An amalgamation of friendship and clearly defined rules. Those qualities can take many forms, but that seems to be the general idea behind the successful American parents I've met. Religion really can't come into it seeing as we have hundreds if not thousands of religions running around.
  • Personally I blame the parents for everything, so if American children are better behaved & I'm not convinced they are, then they must be better parents.
  • Just to add.... This opinion is formed through conversation with American friends, and TV. Would add, that I suspect religous up-bringing may play a big role. The most religious of my friends have never disrespected or disobeyed their parents. The rest of them, myself included, have shown a fair amount of disrespect whilst growing up.
  • I think that it's not a case of British or American children being better or worse, but more a case of there being absolutely rotten children and absolutely wonderful children in both countries. Maybe you have just heard more about good American kids that you have about good British kids. As for the parenting part, there are an awful lot of good and bad parents in both countries. Parenting skills, I believe, are dependent on the individuals concerned, not on their geographical location. Religious upbringing, I believe, isn't making kids more respectful and obedient than those with a non-religious upbringing. Sure, some religious households have great parents, but some religious parents are shocking. Religion ABSOLUTELY does not equal good kids. I mean, look at Hitler. Kids turn out good or bad depending on a lot of factors. Parenting is one factor, but definitely not the only one. The kind of neighborhood... the other kids influences... genetic mental health issues or environmental ones... The list goes on.
  • As a rule? I don't think so. I lived in the US for a long time and have spent lots of time in the UK with many friends in both. From my admittedly casual observations I think the UK is still a more polite society and it struck me that that applied to family life as well. Obviously there are dysfunctions, drug problems, and plain old puberty issues everywhere but it seems to me the US nurtures a culture of self-indulgent brattiness and smart-alec-ism that I have yet to see elsewhere. I now live outside either of those countries and often when I see American families and students I cringe at the behavior. Not so for Brits (they have drunk stag parties here for weekends that can be an incredible pain - but that's the subject of another question.) In general, I don't see a religious upbringing to be a plus. Again, I have known exceptions but some of the worst dysfunctional families I've known were also very religious in a particular American way. +5
  • I think they get slapped around more.
  • as a generalisation most american children are pretty disrespectful but i think that the whole respecting the parents thing is on the rise...which is good.
  • I have three kids and the idea that they are obedient or even polite is total crap! their teachers are always telling them to ignore my wife and I and they do it. at least thats my kids.
  • How can one know that for sure?
  • I haven't noticed any difference. Unfortunately.
  • I dont know any British children or people but most American kids are wild and crazy and im scared of them
  • I don't know about that..I think kids are just kids and that is the generation of the times..God plays a very important role in bringing up kids and here in America Church life is very important. Sometimes kids just go thru fazes...We really can't generalize on this.
  • i'm not sure about British children, because i haven't known any since i was a young child and my views were skewed. I think younger children are well behaved here in the US, they all have times when the act out. The teens cause more of a dust-up, because they are trying to become independent young adults. some lack guidance and need discipline, for the most part they turn out to be good people. Look at the younger members of AB for example. I know at least 3 teens on this site that are very well behaved

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