• Freedom of speech has been lost since the term "Politicaly Correct" came about. One person cries and everyone looses thier chance to speak freely. I haven't noticed it too much on AB, but I took a long break, that could be why.
  • I certainly hope not. That's the whole point of an open exchange of ideas. I thought only the monitors could remove something, and in my experience, the comment would have to be pretty brazenly offensive. While I'm here, why is it that people use the term "political correctness" for basic civility and respecting others? I never understand this. Shouldn't it always be correct to think about whom you may be discriminating against?
  • I've not seen that happening. In fact, I've seen a number of lively discussions. I HAVE noticed that some people seem to be more defensive about their questions, suggesting that they didn't say what they did, when they did, though it might not have been what they meant. Seems they want to jump down someone's throat, and take that opportunity. The ranks, themselves, cannot really "police" anything. They have to convince a CL or staff that the thread is going bad, and THEY have to agree that it is. Only CLs and staff can remove comments, far as I know.
  • I am getting disgusted with the level of "Policing" that's going on. Don't dare introduce a contriversial topic, get your butt handed to you.
  • if its policing from within the ranks then they should let someone that is "ranked" and knows what the hell they are doing police it!! ;D
  • I have not yet seen this happen. I do know that with one of these glitches it causes comments to disappear and reappear as if they have a mind of their own. I think also there are some new staff members that has yet to be fully trained that have a huge share pushed unto them. Perhaps we are hitting website speed bumps right now and things will come back around soon.
  • I guess it has come down to who whines the loudest, I cant see them removing them unless someone complained. If they spent as much time on the AB quirks as they do deleting stupid comments and merging fair questions with ones that dont match, this site would be running great.
  • it seems like that but if you are positive in commenting then i don't think anybody will remove it!
  • I haven't seen that myself, just very offensive things, arguments that involve pers0nal attacks and namecalling. And those things don't happen all that often unless it's someone that is getting out of hand all over AB. And then what often happens with something like that is if it's bad enough that they get nuked, not just put into the Penalty Box, their comments, answers, and questions all disappear. So maybe it wasn't what they said there but somewhere else that got them into trouble. I can't see removing just an opinion that doesn't attack someone else. The only time normal things get removed is when someone has posted something that shouldn't be like an email address or telephone number.
  • I haven't seen that at all and I rarely censor my thoughts or words.
  • Random removal of comments, should not be allowed unless bad language and severe abuse is used. Comment threads are for opinions if people cannot take criticism they should not go on comment threads.
  • AB needs to spend less time "policing" inane comments unless they are reported and obviously offensive...which was not the case for you, Firebrand. I DO wish, however, they'd spend that time acting on my moderations. They owe me over 800 points for flagging serial spammers that took me hours to run down and flag. They acknowledge the propriety of the flag, but haven't awarded me the damn points! In some cases, it has been, like, a month's wait. What's up with that?!? I sure hope AB gets its act together soon. I think they're really hurting the site...which SHOULD be a gold mine to them. I mean, just look at all those advertisers. They should hire some of you "old timers" to straighten things out. :-) Ya already got my +5, Firebrand.
  • I haven't done that, along with others, but this has been going on. Not so much on the comments but you have to watch what you say here, dosen't matter if its a answer or question, you have to watch yourself for somebody might see it differently and flag it. I know the staffs doing everything to stop this but with so much they are doing its hard for them to check the flags.
  • I haven't seen it yet and have engaged in my share of lively debates here. I agree wholeheartedly with Firebrand that censorship is a slippery slope that needs to be avoided except in egregious cases such as some of the stuff the hacker, Ann C has done like posting the actual phone numbers of others and claiming slanderous things about them.
  • It is not only that we are not allowed to post an opinion. Opinions in general are censored by some users who dislike medical studies regarding drugs. In a single week they DR me and take around 30+ points from each answer where the comment with my opinion is posted. No one cares what happens, I don't understand who is policing the site. I have found that it is easier to withdraw the question, so they may have their fun and keep down rating as they please, unfortunately I can not withdraw the comment. The ones that censor the comment in disagreement that you mention are not the usual users, not that I know of any, but the new ones who have invaded this site and are doing their best to make our stay in here as difficult as possible. Regards.

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