• I work in two restaurants, so I toss everything that has hit the floor. I occasionally wish I could take the view on food from the movie "Waiting": "A little floor spice makes everything nice."
  • I won't put it in my mouth, if I didn't take it from the wrapper myself. I won't put it in my mouth if it's been anywhere but on my plate. (fell to table, lap, etc.) There is no 5 second rule, the floor means yer outta here! I've missed out on bacon, due to these rules. BACON, do you hear me? GAH!!
  • You're exactly right! Things that fall on the ground but that don't get soiled badly get popped right back into my mouth. And I dare the french fry to make a federal case about it!
  • I wouldn't put food or pill medicine dropped on my recently cleaned kitchen floor in my mouth. Even if the food was run under a tap.
  • i wouldnt eat anything that fell on the pavement! I anti - bacterial my floors in my home everyday and i dont allow shoes in my house but i still wouldnt eat anything off it!
  • NOTHING!!What`s dropped on the pavement STAYS on the pavement!!OOWWWWW !!:P
  • Look that is deffintly what I would call "Food Discriminating"! Oh--could you excuse me I just dropped my corn dog, got to pick it up..oh gosh where are my manners!! you want a bite?? haha
  • Let me say this. If it falls into the toilet, I'm flushing it no matter what it was. But then again, who would eat in the bathroom, ick.
  • Some foods are just stickier or grab on to more dirt and yuck than others. It more so depends on the surface that it fell on.
  • Food lands on pavement - Food STAYS on pavement!!!! [edit] Food gets picked up and deposited in nearest waste disposal facility.
  • Unless something is going to be cooked awhile, if it falls on the ground I doubt I'd eat it. It might depend more on what kind of ground it fell on than what the item is, unless it's something gooey or damp as that can pick up things more easily, like cat hair. Eeeewww!!
  • i don't think it's a form of food discrimination. it's more a form of personal hygiene and visiting less the doctor for preventable maladies.

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