• The necklace named "The Heart Of The Ocean" was fictional for the movie "The Titanic". Speaking of the movie, I found some interesting information about "The Titanic" movie and The Titanic which includes some facts about Picasso's paintings, Margaret "Molly" Brown, John Jacob Astor, Thomas Andrews, Bruce Ismay, Rose DeWitt Bukater and Jack Dawson.
  • That it was as high as a 7 storey high building and was larger than the largest building in new york at that time. The largest passenger ship available now, the Queen Victoria is more than 10 times larger than the titanic.
  • It sunk
  • It was never thought to be unsinkable. She got the nick name "unsinkable" after she sank because people were so suprised that such a big ship sank they referred to her as the "unsinkable ship that sank."
  • I heard fat people sunk it
  • During it's construction, one of the hull workers layed down for a nap within the shady cavern of the double hull. He did not realize that the union of the fore, and aft portions of the ship were scheduled for later that day, or simply slept longer than he planned. The man was entomed, and starved to death within the hull of the massive ship long before it was ever launched.
  • It never made it to port
  • They said that it was instructable and will never sink. On its maiden voyage they were to be proved tragically wrong. 1,517 lost from Earth.
  • Did anyone hear the story about how the crowds of people who were standing on the dock, I think it was in Southampton, that some of them turned their backs to the ship as it departed, as it was supposed to bring back luck to a ship sailing on it's maiden voyage if you looked at it? The chances of 'Jack' and 'Rose' meeting in real life were very slim. They were from the opposite sides of society and he would have been regarded as lower class and not good enough to even talk to someone like her let alone anything else. The First World War though changed that. The Nomadic has been restored and is now on show in Belfast, Northern Ireland and will be a major centre piece to events in 2012, see you there!
  • The Titanic - Movie -Had flaws or the story alone. Rose & Jack never would have met in real life. Nor would she have had an opportunity to dine at the Captains table. That was usually reserved for the Captains friends, family & business associates. Titanic - The Ship - She sank because of failed safety measures & an iceberg. What ignorance went into taking off lifeboats for speed? And the 3rd class passengers only a handful survived because of gates being locked. How stupid can one get.
  • I don't know if it's a fact but having been an interested student of this event since about third grade -- i.e., WAY before the James Cameron movie but after the Barbara Stanwyck version :) - - in the tragedy itself, though the floating dead victims were written about when the rescue ships finally made it to the site, there seems to be no photographs of the floating bodies. I am not trying to be morbid, but I find it unlikely that no pictures were taken, especially since there ARE photos of Titanic's lifeboats approaching the rescue ships. At least, one person had a camera but no 'dead floating bodies' photos. And for all the flack Cameron's film seems to get on this site, I liked the film a lot -- and my most memorable moment is the aspect that always has bothered me the most while studying the sinking -- the hundreds of people floundering in the water, screaming for help, only to succumb to the frigid water. Cameron's camera starts the image on one person floundering and then slowly pans farther and farther away and upwards - - showing the hundreds of people splashing, yelling, etc. Very sad, moving. No music is played in the background score either -- just the human voices. [ Another fact : Many, many survivors remember most the voices calling for help. I thought Cameron's " Titanic" caught that moment very well. ] The End of My Dissertation. :) +5
  • NUNYA! Wassup Girl! Ummm... It sank. and apparently it wasn't supposed to?
  • Speculation on just what got damaged in the iceberg collision, and in what way, has been subject to shifting theories. A massive gash was suspected before the wreck was discovered. Some speculated small cracks in steel made brittle by cold. Now it appears it may have been the rivets.
  • Everyone loved it at first. Just like Obama . . .
  • There is a lot of speculation that the ship that sank was not actually the Titanic.
  • It sank in water over a mile deep, and it's a cemetery. 2/27/23
  • Edward Smith was the captain of Titanic.

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