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  • If I were him I would ask a doctor, and you never know he might have an extra testicle? But the only way to find out for sure would be to see a professional. I have left you a few links with more information, I hope this helps and tell your friend good luck. MC
  • Tell your friend that ANY unusual lump in that area should be checked out by his doctor.
  • He definately needs to go to the doctor ... I don't care if he's had it for 28 1/2 years of his life ... The sooner he has it checked ; the sooner he MIGHT save his own life or his own testicles from being removed .. +5
  • Other than the suggestions the other posters have provided, one other thing it could be is called a spermatocele. Look it up for further info. This is not harmful. But, do get it checked out at some point to put yourself at ease.

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