• His butt itches.
  • His anal glands could be blocked.YOU can express them yourself or take along to the vet and get him/her to express them.
  • It could be that the groomers expressed his anal glands and he is not used to it. This may have cause it him discomfort. Or them could be empacted. I regularly express my dogs glands when bathing them. It only takes about 30 seconds, eliminates a vet visit and possible impacted/infected glands. (everything is done externally - so no you do not have to stick anything in "there." It is easy to learn. you can look up the instructions online or have a vet show you how. We did end up having one dogs glands removed surgically as she was constantly scotching and them got empacted regularly, even with me expressing them once a week.
  • Where is the bite or cut? It sounds like the groomer nicked the dog on the anus with either scissors or clippers. When you groom a dog around their anus they often pucker their butt all of a sudden, if the groom isn't careful, they will irritate a very sensitive part!!!! Oops.. just realized this is an old post. Oh well! More information for others.
  • i think your dog may have been violently raped by another dog when the groomers were outside having coffee and a smoke.
  • take him to the vet and then you'll know whats wrong with him

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