• Check out Section 861.
  • Title 26 of the United States Code (26 U.S.C.).
  • I guess that depends on the judge you get, how they interpret the law and how expensive your lawyers is. Many debates rage over how income and labor can even be taxed when labor is not a good, it is a service provided for a wage payment, many have gone to court and lost and some have gone to court and won. The fight goes on and more and more are beating the IRS in court due to evidence that suggests the 16th ammendment was never ratified, but out of intimidation and fear many continue to pay because the risk of losing in court is too much. Truth.Org a wonderful and informative site that I am a subsciber of, covers much on political topics such as this and has a list and information of the cases of people beating the IRS and how they are doing it!
  • Prior to 1874 there were individual Tax laws. Thereafter, USA Federal Income Tax is part of the administrative rules known as the CFR "Code of Federal Regulations". The CFR includes 50 different titles such as: 49CFR222-- Subpart C_Exceptions to the Use of the Locomotive Horn 12CFR226-- PART 226_TRUTH IN LENDING (REGULATION Z 42CFR412-- PART 412_PROSPECTIVE PAYMENT SYSTEMS FOR INPATIENT HOSPITAL This is a very large publication.
  • Different judges have cited different statutes as "the" law that requires an "individual" to FILE a return. Once a return is FILED, or once an assessment is made and signed by an assessment officer, there's a different law that requires payment. 26 USC 6672 and 7202 require a tax collector to pay:
  • Try evading the tax and find out.
  • Where is the law? And where are the recordings of the established laws proceedings?
  • i think that if we subjected long term capital gains, short term capital gains, dividends, real estate roll over profits, etc. to the same taxation rates as labor, we could pay off the debt and lower taxes enough to make everybody happy.
  • Check with your employer

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