• Well, that would depend on where you're going and what your plans are. I mean, it was around 70 F or so here today, but in Colorado, they had a foot of snow.
  • Well, welcome, Mr.S.! You don't say where you are going, so I can't be detailed. You might bring some of your favorite snack foods, since they may not be readily available where you are traveling. Also handy to have would be a "handbook of American slang"...Also a Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionary. Subjects to avoid in conversations with Americans at this time would be politics, the economy, immigration, the driving ability of American motorists. And try to restrain yourself from statements like, "Wow! These are a lot cheaper in Canada!" (lol)
  • Chocolate (it just does not taste the same there!) A phrase book. A dictionary. A large lunch box, cause the food portions are so HUGE you will never finish a meal. Money - I believe they have a different currency there. Some bacon - to remind you of home. Do you need power socket adaptors for electrical equipment? Sunglasses. Camera. And something to keep those shoes shiny!
  • Everything is cheaper in the US than where I live, so I put off buying anything I needed for a while and packed very little. The adapters for my computer I got from radio shack and all I really brought was a change of cloth and chocolate. I must say the chocolate in the US tastes like wax and dirt compared to where I live. I cried when I landed tho. I haven't been home in a few years.

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