• Your screwed, your now an educated adult.
  • congrats you should be happy that you made it some people dont make it 4 years from their starting point good for you yay yay yay
  • the 'good old days' are just about to begin.....!!!!!
  • Difficult one - you should congratulate yourself for achieving your degree, but life will never be the same again. You will now have to live among normal people and have conversations about mundane stuff. You will no longer be able to steal roadsigns and make one beer last all night. You will have to start paying taxes, and wearing proper clothes. Mixed feelings
  • My good man, you'll miss your college days sooner than you think.
  • that is your deciion that you want to stick to the past or you want to make your future better and nice
  • Congratulate yourself both on your achievement and on a new begining.
  • If you'll miss college that much, you should stay in school and work on your master's degree. If you aren't compelled to do this, then the "good old days" probably weren't as got as you thought. But definately congratulate yourself for this important achievement. It is darn near impossible to get a good job without a collegedegree. And enjoy the memories - they will be with you throughout your whole life!

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