• Not for me. I can understand certain circumstances where the girl messed up with her bf and she had no other choice, and they are young.. I don't like it when i hear a girl (not young) has had many abortions from different guys. This i think is really irresponsible.
  • That really depends on why they think it is wrong. If they say it is murder, then yes it is a double-standard to forgive the first time. If they say it's just a bad form of birth control, well, that's really none of their business. But the reason they forgive the first time is this: They never really thought through the issues. They were taught that abortion is wrong so they give that lip service but they never really internalized it as a crime, like murder or rape or stealing. So they forgive the first time because they want to nice and understanding. But then their religious indoctrination kicks in and they feel guilty about forgiving it multiple times. I'm pro-choice, but if you think that abortion is murder then you need to stick to your guns and say that the first time is also murder. You can't be forgiving the first time just so you don't seem like as much of a wacked-out religious nut who has a compulsive need to interfere with other peoples private lives.
  • Maybe it is because after the first one the reality sets in of what you've done. You wonder what that little person would have been like had you allowed them to live. It is a regret that can haunt you forever more.
  • Well, whatever position you take on abortion, it is a form of surgery with all the risk and expense that surgery entails. The first one might be considered a 'pass' as the girl/woman involved may not have been knowledgeable about contra-ception. Whether or not that was true in any particular instance, having had an abortion, a girl/woman should learn from the experience that you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting yourself serious undesirable side-effcts of sexual activity. Having to have more than one abortion means that the lesson was not learned and the girl/woman is being irresponsible. Kind of like getting ticket after ticket for dangerous driving. If you don't learn the first time, the sympathy disappears right quick.
  • If their reason is because abortion is murder of a 'child', as I have seen argued on AB, then yes. Its illogical.
  • If it's not wrong once, it's not wrong 10 times. There is no difference.
  • In MY personal way of thinking ; there is NO difference .... MURDER is MURDER ...
  • wEll not to say it's wrong or right it kinda based on your individual beliefs but me personally i feel that the first time its like wt some of the others was saying you know u made a mistake so you get it. But its not to be done continiously becuz u havent learned a lesson you just getting the easy way out and in the process if you ever care to have children it may mess up your chances if you have so many... but bottomline more than one time your just bein irresponsible young or old doesnt matter... becuz u dnt no wt people are going through.... But the best choice would be to let someone adopt them.. But if youre not gonna take care of it you dont need it to let the child suffer... you gotta think about that also... -cheerchick
  • People make mistakes, but when they keep making the same mistake over and over it's either willful ignorance, straight up stupidity, or laziness. Abortion is a very harsh form of birth control in my opinion. I am very pro choice, but there are other more humane methods of birth control and I think it's irresponsible not to use them.
  • No Difference in my book .... Slaughter / Murder of an Innocent Baby is still Slaughter / Murder ... of a child .... doing it over again is just being repetative in the art of KILLING.
  • It means someone is using abortion as a form of birth control and it also means the person who responds that the first abortion is understandable but any repeat ones are wrong is just trying to fool themselves into thinking they are 'politically correct' but in their heart of hearts, they know that abortion isn't simply a form of birth control like taking the pill but is actually the deliberate termination of a REAL life....not a potential life but one that if not having been medically stopped, would have resulted in an infant. Abortion is the termination of a child's life not the prevention of creating a new life. I really wish people would stop trying to be so PC and just say what they really truly think - if multiple abortions are wrong, then the first one is wrong as well. Murder is murder - a serial murderer is more scary to have to face, but I wouldn't want to be the victim of his first time murdering either.
  • One is a murderer and one is a Serial Killer.
  • if someone actually did that over and over again than they'd better be introduced to the condom or birth control!!
  • One would hope the first abortion would be a learning experience. Second and subsequent can't be so dignified.
  • If your house burned down and you didn't have insurance, I'd feel bad for you and help you rebuild. If it happened again, I'd think you were an idiot for not getting insurance the second time. I'll forgive you for getting too drunk and puking on me, but only the first time. Abortion isn't fun, for many women it's traumatizing and expensive. Mistakes can be forgiven, but disregarding consequences you've already experienced is just stupid.
  • there is none ....i used to feel it was a womans right(in my younger ,foolish, ignorant,days) even while i knew i could ever do such....i think that is double standard??? i say that of a single mother , NOW...i can understand one, without a husband or father , but geez, two and 3 , and even a few i know of with four! bottom line for me,...the first is wrong to start both immoral and foolish...especially when one just keeps on and on...etc...
  • I believe it is wrong. One time or many times, it is wrong. Having said that...If a young woman makes a mistake, gets pregnant, lives alone, no one around her to give her any advice or help, the only ones talking to her are Planned Parenthood, has the abortion, regrets it deeply, vows to herself to never do that again, and goes on to make wiser choices from then on, I feel she can use her voice to help others not make her same bad choices without it being hypocritical or a double-standard.
  • I think it's like bankruptcy. You can understand and forgive someone messing up and filing bankruptcy, but if they do it every year, it's a much different problem.
  • The first one is a bad as the second, third, etc. there is no difference.
  • From my perspective, I have no moral investment in abortion, I think it's a woman's body and she should be able to do whatever she wants with whatever is within it. Naturally then I have no moral dilemma with how many times a woman might willingly or out of negligence and ignorance continue to repeat this course of action....but one does have to consider the health risks involved. Having multiple abortions can lead to dozens of complications ranging from scarring to endomitriosis to infertility or death.
  • I do not believe in abortion, however I do agree with the phrase...If a woman has an abortion..and it does not profoundly change the way she views unprotected sex..if she continues to get pregnant and use abortion as a form of birth control..she is nothing but a sick selfish woman..Once is a mistake, that a woman has to live with for the rest of her life...multiple abortions are for heartless, souless woman who where not devastated by their first experience
  • Not a double standard at all. A first abortion should be a wake-up call to be more careful in the future with regard to birth control, etc. Also a first abortion is something most of us, even those who oppose abortion, can imagine a frightened young person doing. It is much harder to understand why an older and obviously experienced person would need a second abortion and absolutely mystifying why someone would do it repeatedly as it abortion is expensive, hard on the body, dangerous, icky and ultimately a selfish thing to do.
  • An abortion is sometimes the only possibility left to stop an unwanted pregnancy. It could happen to everyone to get an unwanted pregnancy, because no birth control method is perfect. However, there are some highly reliable birth control methods, especially combinations of them, and normally, a woman who has gone through an abortion does not wish to experience it again. I understand any number of abortions after unwanted pregnancies, but I think that everything should be done to give the person having an abortion the best information to avoid repetition. Also, someone who would use abortion repeatedly as a form of birth control is either absolutely uninformed, irresponsible or has mental health issues.
  • Abortion is selfish without a good reason, but there's really little more to be said about the matter. The fact is that people have the right to abortion, and people don't always use rights responsibility. Look at voting; the U.S. has elected Republicrat after Republicrat over the years. Most people people probably have something resembling a good reason to have an abortion --- maybe she can't afford a child, maybe a medical reason, maybe the father is a Republican. People who want to ban abortion are generally misogynists, or at the very least excessively naive --- but hey, that's their right too.

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