• electrical outlets, attitudes about sex, and manicures.
  • Presence of culture Better architecture Lack of americans
  • The measuring system, The drinking age, and of course:
  • Architecture, nation value, attitude towards artistic values like theaters, museums and historic places, fashion etc. Oh, too many. It's like US is on Mars and Europe is on Venus. Plus, Americans have that "smile on duty". If European man smiles, it's for a cause, it's sincere, not formal...
  • The French and German Prima Donnas who would like to rule the world and frog leg/snail eating. :o)
  • Tougher school classes; lower school dropout rate; less food additives.
  • well.. one thing is that we say 'than' not 'then'! *LOL* seriously though: Smaller food portions Different languages Cheese
  • let's start with the sizes of things (pretty mutch everything is maller here, roads, coke-bottles, distances, people..) second i'd have to say openness to criticism/jokes (perhaps a specific trait for my country, but we were considered very harsh when we lived in the states for the first time, and people could often not distinguish irony/sarcasm in jokes from literal criticism and insults. actually they mostely assumed it to be the latter two while this was never our intent.) third i suppose things are less of a big item here. It seems to me that, at least where i lived in the states, common christian values were generally upholded (saying sh*t wasn't a good idea, and neither was talking about alcohol), and these topics were far more of a taboo than they are here. where in the US the discussion might be whether or not homosexual marriage should be permitted, here the discussion is whether or not you as "person who marries people" are allowed to say no and send them to another.
  • I can't think of 3 - but 1 is definitely the small cars in Europe - compared to all the big sedans and SUVs on the road in US.
  • 1) kerbs 2) colours, and 3) zebra crossings
  • Roads and cars...much smaller in Europe. People and their attitudes toward life, in general. Music and seems Europeans are more artistic and/or unique in this area. One more thing that I've noticed was the weather!
  • electricity us 120 and them 220 roads we builds roads anywhere and they build around farmland people they have more people from their own country and we have more immigrants than real Americans
  • Better produce in Europe (much tastier, but smaller). Better plumbing in the US (no signs to throw your toilet paper in the trashcan rather than flushing it). No free refills on drinks in Europe. Better and cheaper mass transit in most of Europe. Cheaper gas in US. Europe has more history and historical locations. I tried to be very diplomatic there....and give an equal amount of positives and negatives for each.
  • The government seems more involved in citizens’ lives in Europe – and the citizens are taxed at a higher rate there. In America, public transportation, like light rail, seems to be an under funded afterthought. There is a very strong “gun culture” here in America that permeates the nation.
  • Less guns, less obesity, less Jesus.

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