• Nice pastor. I'd expect much more from the person who is supposed to be leading me to God.
  • Maybe you should consider going to a different church.
  • A person can hurt someone with one sentence, you had five minutes, LOL, was what you said unforgivable? That is what I would ask him, he is after all supposed to forgive.
  • If your "pastor" is holding a grudge and hating you, he is in the wrong line of work because he is doing exactly what the Bible says NOT to do. That makes him a hypocrite and has no business being in the pulpit. I would leave him to his gossip and find another pastor.
  • and.....? Look religion is not forgiving, that is why every war in modern times has been fought in Gods name with him on both sides.....
  • That is bang out of order! A pastor should be like a confidant or someone you can confess things to. He is a leader for crying out loud. This is why I have such a problem with this type of "church" the leaders have too much power over their congregation and no accountability. I would expect of my friends to boycott the "church" or his services at least. He has no business being a leader of Christ with that attitude towards people. If this is any consolation to you, if hell existed, he would have a front row seat.

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