• Beauty gives me a greater appreciation for life, while truth and wisdom give me direction and understanding to help myself and others.
  • I find beauty in most everything..because I look for it. I seek truth because without it nothing is real. Wisdom is a goal that one never totally achieves ..especially if one strives for it. Wisdom comes slowly, quietly and is a function of getting older...unless you are brain dead you are wiser at 80 than you were at 16. Happy Tuesday! :) ((hugs))
  • Truth hurts me sometimes (And i'm not offended, but rather I'm happy and I know its for good).Beauty helps me keep calm when I'm then. And wisdom tells me what to do. And finally when I win, I attribute it to truth and say, "Satya meva Jayate" (Means Truth alone triumphs, in Hindi)
  • Beauty could be found in anything, including truth and wisdom. Truth is the only thing I want to hear and the only thing I want to say. It gets me into trouble sometimes. Wisdom is something we get with age, right along with the gray hairs. It's unfortunate we don't start with it - that's when we would most benefit from it. I'm a much better off person today because of it. I've learned a lot.
  • Beauty is what I find makes life a little easier. It gives me hope and makes me appriciate things. The truth does hurt but at least I know who I really am and that I don't live a lie. Wisdome gives me an insight into this sometimes frustrating but entirely wonderful planet. :)

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