• Hannity - No. Glenn Beck - No. Limbaugh - I will assume not since he can live off his body fat in the winter.
  • Pfft. They serve their own pocketbooks, and that is ALL.
  • To many of us, it just seems that liberals feel that simply being American and being proud of one's country (if its America) is not a right. (As if saying that we have more to be ashamed of as a country, than to be proud of!) So many times, we see very negative (undeserved) reactions by liberals for simply being a conservative (automatically, we are all Nazis, KKK, or some crackpot Christian nut). (As if we don't have a right to an opinion.) This is just two-cents from a fiscal conservative. + points for your service!
    • Victorine
      That is not what liberals think. We believe that Americans need to celebrate the good and be honest and upfront about the bad. True patriots want their country to be the best it can. When it fails, they point that out and criticize. This does not represent hatred; it represents love and anxiety that the nation be better. Think of it as akin to parents who are trying to raise children to responsible and productive adulthood. They are proud of their children, but they know they aren't perfect. The US is a very young country, still a child in historical terms. It hasn't and doesn't do everything right, and we do have things to be ashamed of. That fact should never be glossed over; it should be discussed in a clear and forthright manner. As a historian, I can't abide historical blindness and an unwillingness to examine historical fact and accept it for what it is.
  • Is service in the military a litmus test for being an American? What they are referring to, usually, is the abandonment of the American principles of self determination. And between Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck, they have over 35 million daily listeners. Why do you portray these talkers as "ultra-conservative"?
    • Chicagoan
      "they have over 35 million daily listeners." - who listen to them because they have to be told what to think. Big deal!
    • Charin Cross
      oh like liberals and leftists are indoctrinating our children in public school with CRT and to be accepting of the LGBTQ community at age 5!? Trannies in full costume and legs wide open reading to small children in the library. now who's telling people what to think.
  • Welcome to the club. Here's your membership card, flyer, T-Shirt, bumper sticker, and list of meeting places. Enjoy. Oorah!
  • I too, am a liberal ; served in the military during the Viet nam conflict ... went on to work in federal law enforcemt ... after leaving the shop ; did some more work for the federal government off and on .... I do not believe any of those loud mouths you mentioned ever did any service for their country ... except bitch .
    • Franco333
      Why is it I wonder that leftist retards never hold their own to the same high and mighty standards they demand of the opposition?
    • Victorine
      We actually don't much care about people -- including Donald Trump -- who got out of serving during the Vietnam War era. And Biden actually did have a medical condition that had been documented for years, not merely supposed "bone spurs".
    • Chicagoan
      Funny how his BONE SPURS never kept him from thousands of jaunts around golf courses!!
  • They can talk the talk but they sure as shit can't walk the walk.
    • Chicagoan
      Indeed - three of the most useless, mindless talking heads in teh country. All they do is sow the seeds of hate.
    • Charin Cross
      disagreeing with liberal leftist nonsense is not sowing the seeds of hate. those 3 gentlemen sowed the seeds of intelligence and self thought. thank goodness for them, otherwise 75M patriotic Americans would not have a voice at all!
  • The fact that you would ask this question shows where your loyalty lies... These fine up standing Americans are beyond reproach, and you would drag them down into the gutter to question their patriotism????? What are you high? None of them served.
    • Chicagoan
      Yeah, while people like you still uphold and support what happened on Jan 6th. Get real. You are traitors and cowards.
  • I don't know if they even know what it is to be american themselves.If the country viewed, so called,american or non american patriotism under such small minded parameters under their conditions,the nation would be truly backwards.I have heard the vile rantings of all three of these supposed know it all's,and just laugh it off.Also being in the military ,or apposing the military are not signs of patriotism.
  • They are just a bunch of drug addicted, college dropouts. Seriously, look up their bios.
    • Chicagoan
  • I am also troubled by it. I appears to me that a significant number of liberals have a strong anti-American streak but I dislike the 'Person X did/said such-and-such and isn't that just like a liberal' formulation. It is unfair and inflammatory.
  • They, more often than not, when talking in the tone they do about them are refering to the ultra left Southern California, New York, Michigan and DC types who want the country to be an over-taxed, no rights or ownership, live off the government, big brother socialist nation. They are NOT refering to the fiscal conservitave/ socially liberal democrat voters with homes, two cars and 1.6 children. They don't like the country being changed into something most of us despised not even 25 years ago, and I have to agree with them about it.
  • I don't believe so. But then, neither have Al Franken (The Al Franken show on Air America Radio), Stephanie Miller, Michael Jackson (KGIL in LA), Jane Fonda, or Mario Cuomo. I'm conservative, I love my country, and I served in the military as well. It seems we both have a lot in common! Welcome to Answerbag, my brother!
  • Saying that someone is un-American because they don't say, think or do what you do is un-American. You're liberal, I'm conservative. We may get little loud every now and again but that just goes with the territory. All of us who served did so that all of us who served and those that did not would be able to speak our hearts without retribution or the fear of it. This is what it's all about isn't it?
  • Ultra-conservative radio talk shows should be run out of this country! Full of BS and never any proof of their retarded claims. tar & feather their asses.
  • Not that I know of - indeed Rush avoided the service because he had a boil on his ass. I swear I'm not making that up - a boil on his ass. Signed : A liberal Veteran, ( USN 78 - 82 ).
  • First off, Thank you for serving our country, Sir! Secondly, I am troubled by ultra-conservatism as well. While I respect that people have differing opinions, I do sincerely hope that people choose to make opinions and belief systems based on the love of people, the support of people's rights, and the prospect that the most number of people can be safe, loved, and respected. I don't know where any perspective gets to come away defining what "American" is. American is understanding freedom -- not the lack of liberty to cultivate ideas and practice accordingly. Preaching theories about what is un-American is as good as spreading fear, hate, and general stereotypical BS instead of letting people be. America should be the melting pot created by the wealth of culture and perspective available. American can be highly liberal, and American can be fairly conservative. The first one to say what you cannot be in the U.S. just... because... is way off.
  • I served too, and it's annoying as all get down by these Republican Quislings. And those who brown nose them so eagerly.
  • liberal vet here too! :) no, they never served. i'm just wondering when the rational conservatives kick those nut cases to the curb. though i disagree with most conservative views i could at least respect the sane ones. the way the conservative movement is heading, i'm not sure any of should feel safe. that's fine though, we liberals aren't the timid lambs the ultra right thinks we are.
  • I don't think liberals are un-American. It's just the slant taken by the talk show hosts as part of their online character. I think more liberalism is necessary to improve things in our political system.
  • How about just turning the channel to a liberal talk show. It's called freedom of speech. I thought you liberals were champions of that cause?
  • I have not heard any un-American comments about liberals by conservatives. I served my country and I am conservative. By the way Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck served proudly in the military.. alongside Clinton, Obama and Barney Frank. I am proud to be a vet myself but I am mindful that Lee Harvey Oswald was also a vet.
  • No, they were not. Neither was Rush Limbaugh. Yet they use red meat rhetoric to stir up unstable people into a near frenzy to line their own pockets. These people are the very worst kind of patriots.
    • Franco333
      No...those that would stand by and allow the leftists to destroy all the Founding Fathers created, and cheer while they turn this Republic into another commie-socialist utopia are "the very worst kind of patriots". No, not even patriots....let's call a spade a spade.....traitors is the proper word.!
    • pipey
      When you're so far right that Republican policies of the 1950s Cold War era are called "socialism," you're too radical and extremist to pretend that you represent mainstream American values.
  • I'm troubled when the line between libturd and leftard becomes so blurred it takes an electron microscope to find it. I'm troubled when commies and socialists are allowed (if not encouraged) to subvert the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and openly erode the First and Second Amendments. I'm especially troubled when them that should well know better become their open cheerleaders, hidden enablers, or otherwise turn a blind eye to their machinations....all while claiming to be patriots of the Republic...because of this, that, or the other.
  • Don't even bother to listen. The hosts' raison d'ĂȘtre is to fire up their ignorant fans for ratings, and they often don't even believe what they spout. Moreover, there are many intelligent conservatives who not only don't bother with those shows, they know that what is said on them simply isn't true. The listeners are a minority among the American public. Don't imagine otherwise. By the way, they KNOW they are a minority, that their numbers are decreasing, that most Americans hold various liberal views (such as on gays and religion) that would have been unthinkable a generation ago. We are living through their extinction burst, the moment when they are surging because they know that their brand of ultra-conservatism and jingoism is dying. It's their last gasp.
  • If you're a liberal, and you condone the commies in DC, you're definitely "troubled".
  • None of them ever served. The GOP has made a new definition of "patriotism" which only conservatives qualify for, and their definition has nothing to do with love of country or willingness to serve it. It's entirely about support for conservative causes and wearing flag-themed clothing.
  • I don't listen to them. I tune them out. Semper Fi
  • In the first place, being in the military doesn't define one's politics. As for your dissatisfaction with ultra-conservatives, if the talk bothers you, think about us "deplorables" and the rhetoric we have to put up with from the Liberal media. Whether you're "the exception to the rule", I can't say. But until we get some decent leadership and turn this country around so it's headed back in the right direction, I'm afraid you'll just have to stomach a lot of things you don't like.

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