• 2nd degree murder. Driving under the influence.
  • I can see: Underage drinking DUI/DWI Reckless driving causing death (or manslaughter of some type) AT LEAST.
  • I think you are sort of screwed for the life.
  • You not only screwed up your life but your parents are nnow in the position to lose everything they have to pay for your demages to the family. And teens do not understand why people do not want them to drive. For things like this. You have destroyed your family.
  • At 16, he would not be held responsible - his parents are.
  • Involuntary manslaughter, DUI
  • man slaughter, DUI, Underage drinking, this is just the criminal end. By being drunk you were considered a menace and are liably (or your parents depending on the state) for all damage. If you are drunk I could run a red light and hit you and you will be liable for any loss that I inccur as a result of the MVA
  • No less than manslaughter... and in some cases murder depending on the state and court. Parents might be libel too since a 16-year old is still considered a minor--but that is dependent on how the case is tried too. That's one reason why driver licenses should go to 18-year olds and above only--so drivers receive full consequences for their actions without dragging anyone else into it.

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