• Hello! I think you should start taking some serious vacation time....we almost never visited my grandma and greataunt, exept at holidays. So they decided to teach us a lesson....everytime we called them they were out of town doing this or busy doing that. After about a year of missing them, we learned our lesson. I now call weekly and visit them at least once a month. Even if they dont miss you, Im sure the vacation would be better that sittng around on another familyless holiday..... You could also send them " wish you were here cards" and holiday cards....they may get the message then too. Im sorry you feel this way, Happy Valentines, Happy Easter and I wish you a very great day!
  • Hopefully their reasoning for not being thoughtful at this time in their lives is that they are busy. I'm not good at sending my mother cards but I do show it in other ways. My dad died & it left my step mom feeling like a third wheel at family get together's. It can be lonely when your used to having someone with you when you attend these things. Maybe you can develop some friends outside the family to feel the void.
  • You need to make yourself into an interesting person ... someone who others gravitate to. Nobody likes to be guilt-tripped into sending a card. I know, you don't see it this way ... but life is big and you just gotta take it by the horns and create some activity. Learn square-dancing; take a cruise; learn how to play bridge and join a group; play ping pong; take a class (free for those 60 and over usually) at the local college. Be a vivacious person and you won't be able to keep them away from you! Good luck sweetie!
  • did you send any? are u changing or them? those with a sense of entitlement are usually dissappointed.....respect is earned of us all....why would they not want you more in their life....? i am not saying they aren't being cruel but we need to ask ourselves why first, is it me ,or them...... teenagers are busy ,busy these days...but a 'good' daughter or son, does not forget a 'good' mother or father....

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