• I think it is very sad that you should give up your chosen career just to have a family. These days it is normal for both partners to work - so you just need to find a partner with an equal salary. Look around you - how many teachers are married -how do they manage it?
  • Museum Curator would probably make more. Sometimes teachers go into this. DO you know a lot about history?
  • ahhhhhhhh, that is sad. I don't have an idea all i am saying is that sucks. do you really make that little where a combined income won't support a family? date girls who make more money. Break up with them for not making enough. lol
  • one thing about teaching is that it is fairly steady and you have 3 months off. I would suggest finding a way to supplement your income rather than abandoning your chosen career. Do some frelance editing or writing...something you enjoy.
  • Trust me, you CAN afford a family. What you CAN'T afford is to keep passing up great opportunities for love and happiness.
  • Try moving to a better paying school district. Obviously the district you are working for pays badly, and it will not get better. You could get a specialty certification like Reading Specialist, Special Education, or Science. Maybe those would pay better? As for other professions, what was your Bacchelor's in? Can you get a job with that?
  • STOP DATING THE GOLD DIGGERS. TRUST ME, YOU WON'T BE HAPPY AND LIKELY, END UP IN A DIVORCE. Find someone that likes you for you. How much do you make? about 60k? That's good enough to start a family, if the girl your with is also working. If you want to start a family, don't date a girl that doesn't work.
  • 5-27-2017 I think it's about time to face a few facts. You have been lied to. Education is not worth spit. Schooling is not education. Schools don't even teach you how to do well in your classes. Get a simple job and a cheap pad within walking distance. That is so you don't have to waste your money on transportation. Save half of everything you earn. Yes, half. To start, keep your savings in gold or silver coins which you do not store in anybody else's vault. (IOW hide them at home.) Spend your evenings studying investment books at the public library. When you are smart enough then you can make other investments. If you earn ten bux an hour and save half, in only ten years you will have A HUNDRED THOUSAND BUX not counting interest or capital gains or paper profits: only principle. There is no other plan that will give you a net worth above zero in only ten years. And there is no school that will teach you any such thing. Does this plan work? Andrew Carnegie worked five years, saved his wages, and then put it all into a tech stock: telegraph. You might have heard the name. His hobby was building concert halls and libraries.
  • Trim your expenses.

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