• If you are trying to help people;then people should be flattered that you care. But if your are trying to make "Brownie" points;then that is something else
  • Well...that being've really turned me onto God and you're right. Only he can provide the true path of love and acceptance if you're willing to give it back in return.
  • and your question is?
  • Can I save you from wasting your time? Old Testament, Warned us of a false prophet, who would lead people away from God. This "false" prophet would be able to perform miracles, heal the sick, and claim to be God himself. God himself said, he would give this "false" prophet the powers to do so, to test us. . New Testament, some new guy showed up, performed miracles and claimed to be God himself. He even lead people away from God as they are now praying to this guy named Jesus Christ instead. . THE MORE YOU KNOW. . Please read the bible before you spread your false beliefs on us. Thank you.
  • I have made more than one mistake in my life where I had to come around with my hat in my hand and apologize, not knowing the reception I would recieve. It takes courage and conviction of what you believe is right to do this and stand here humbled before everyone. I am so very proud of you. It takes a truly good person to do this and I believe in you! You just have to remember that, while you are preaching to the masses, you are also one of them. You and I are okay. Lets put it where it belongs - in the past. It is forgotten from this point on :)
  • some people may not understand, but i know you've been doing it with the best intentions. remember - your journey with Christ is not about how high up you are or how perfect you are. it's about how far you have come. please continue to find your value in Christ. thanks for the apology - i, at least, appreciate it, and i also apologize for being abrasive in some of our conversations.
  • Being a christian I truly understand the heart you have for people so don't beat yourself up OK. The Bible tells us that we must be an example that people would see the good works and turn to Him. AB just isn't a good medium for that. Just answer questions and and make comments that make sense and try to avoid arguements with senseless people. You know what the Bible says about them; Don't throw your pearls before swine or they will trample on them. Your pearls are muddy but they're still pearls, pick them up and clean them off and just use better judgement about the folks you know won't change. God bless ya sister!
  • it takes a strong person to say sorry. thank you :)
  • Nobodies perfect, you gotta realize the difference between sharing your beliefs and shoving them down someones throat or pointless preaching. Thanks for the apology.
  • :O) awesome job! Im very happy for you! Its is the work of the Holy plants another waters another reaps. just plant who God cant make it grow!
  • If you feel you need to apologize, then apology accepted and thank you. :)
  • Its okay, for as long as you've been preaching to the masses, we've been ignoring you... ;) jk Never met ya, but I figure everyone has a moment every once in awhile...
  • Don't be sorry...Just don't do it again.
  • Most all young Christians are so enthusiatic about their discovery of how great God and Jesus are they just bubble over wanting to share and bring others to Christ as well. I know because I was the same way when I was fresh born again. We eventually level out and do just what you are doing with all sensarity...apologizing and that is in itself commendable. I have learned to just simply say God loves you and so do I. I let that simple statement salt the person who may come back to you and ask what you mean. Then you can explain it to them and gently lead someone to Jesus. Just never be afraid to tell people quietly you love Jesus and let your actions do the rest. Good going and as you can see most are acepting your apology...Isn't Jesus great!
  • I understand where you are coming from. It can be difficult to watch people walking a path that you see as self-destructive. In your mind, you are trying to protect them from themselves and steer them towards the "right" path. However, most people need to find their own way to that path. The best way to handle people here is to try to understand them instead of preaching to and condemning them. You should keep your own views and opinions, but allow others to have theirs as well. And should someone ask you for help getting to your path, I think it would be a wonderful thing to help them get there. Just wait until they ask though Oh, and thank you for your apology. It was very much appreciated.
  • Now you know I've had my ups and downs with some of your answers and questions, but I've always tried to give you the benefit of the doubt with each new question/answer that we talked to each other about. No matter what, we all know that it came from a good place - that's what really mattered. And I really appreciate and respect someone who is able to state their mistakes, apologize for them (especially publicly like this), and take responsibility/consequences from other people. You truly are a good person.
  • One plants the seed. Another comes along and waters the seed that was sown. Still another reaps the harvest. Your just trying to do your part.
  • Thank you all,and God Bless.
  • I always look forward to lessons and reminders to learn about Jesus.
  • Accepted. Now go sit on the naughty step, say 3 Hail Caesars, 5 Halle Berrys and 7 Come Hail or High Waters. It's never too late to change your ridiculous religious ways.
  • youre right, only god can do that
  • THE COMMENTER " ANINOCENTBYSTANDER" aid about keeping your opinions to yourself...did Jesus? No. He was telling people of his time that a new system WILL come into operation... And to comply or be eliminated...that's what being saved means. The fact that 2,000 years has gone by does not matter...and is explained in scripture...(Matthew 24:36)
    • pugwashjw65
      And there should be no reason to apologise if you are telling what is true...according to scripture.
  • The problem with JWs is they do not teach the true Word of the Christian Bible. They teach false scripture from there misleading bible. They also worship other gods which is against the Word of the Lord God. I have read some parts of your jw bible and I didn't know if I should laugh at its absurdity or cry because of the false teaching.
    • pugwashjw65
      Hey ! Thinker...How about some specifics...examples etc. Not just a rant. cheers...pugs.

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