• The Middle of Alaska is the middle of nowhere. Just ask anybody that got stuck there and made it out.
  • The middle of nowhere is the middle of nowhere... Basically you can't see any buildings or vehichles or any form of human cohabition in any direction you look. All you see is sparse amounts of land.
  • Its a place within our mind that we project out onto the world to attempt to label and pin down a name for our experience of being in an unrecognisable locale.
  • On the outskirts of somewhere
  • It's in the middle of the begging and the end of nowhere.
  • Several places. Wherein only ninnies of the highest order choose to live.
  • The upper peninsula of Mi. where the turd squeezers call themselves Yoopers. Known to the rest of the world as Inbred Fascist Nazis.
  • some where in a small town in missouri
  • Definitely West Texas - almost anyplace in West Texas.
  • somewhere in the depths of my thought...
  • Nowhere From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Nowhere typically means a place that doesn't exist or a place that seems like it doesn't exist. other definitions are: 1) no place; 2) not near anything man made; 3) not placed on a map. It can refer to: Nowhere, a place in Norfolk, England. Nowhere, a 1985 novel by Thomas Berger. NoWhere, a European regional Burning Man event Nowhere, Kansas, the setting of Courage the Cowardly Dog In Business Nowhere, a group of companies specializing in co-creation. In film: Nowhere a 1997 film by director Greg Araki. In Music: "nowhere", an insert song by FictionJunction Yuuka for the anime Madlax. Nowhere, an album by the band Ride, released in 1990. "Nowhere", a song by Therapy? from their 1994 album Troublegum. "Nowhere", a song by The Pillows from their 1998 album Little Busters. "Nowhere", a song by the rapper Bubba Sparxxx from his 2003 album Deliverance. "Radio Nowhere",a song by Bruce Springsteen. "Nowhere", a song by the group 112 from their 2005 album Pleasure & Pain. "Nowhere a song from the series episode "The Song" [edit] Nowhere used as an Idiom Nowhere is also used metaphorically by persons who reside or originate in rural areas. A common statement made by such persons includes the usage of "the middle of nowhere." This usage is a comment on the relatively sparse population and night life of local, rural areas. Beyond this commentary, "the middle of nowhere" is also used when persons are lost and do not know their location, say while traveling or driving in an unknown location with few landmarks or enmities. Yet another usage can be found in the quantitative use of "nowhere near," as in "there is nowhere near enough pizza for everyone."
  • Somewhere between here and there.
  • My late father used to use this term, may he rest in G-dly. Peace. I've always believed it to mean a very rural area, such as the woodsy way we walked, up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, back in 9th grade ages ago. It was about a 7-mile walk, in my estimation, and the only shelter we had were the two wooden huts in which we slept. By the way, the land on this globe is mostly rural open space, believe it or not. In other words, it's mostly "the middle of nowhere."
  • Barstow
  • about 15minutes south of my house. you get there by turning left...or is it right(?) at Albuquerque
  • Come to Australia, visit the outback and you will have your answer.
  • there can be no middle.
  • send me a package, then follow the you pee ess guy out here. you will be in the middle of now here.
  • Middle of nowhere is nowhere
  • My house is right in the middle of it.
  • the middle of no-where is " h "
  • it's actually called "know-where " , and when you are there , you know , so you move on. ;-)
  • i have found it..........i can got any direction and end up at point b............sigh not a nice place.... +5
  • 14.2 miles west of my house.

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