• its virtually impossible! love is crazy!
  • It's only natural when a boyfriend comes between bfs, that the bf relationship will suffer a bit. Get busy with other friends and activities. Give her a chance to miss you. Now's the time you'll find out just how strong your friendship really is.
  • Move on as she has moved on.
  • doesnt sound like a good friend. if you confront her, she will just deny it, and not make a change. she clearly is pre-occupied with her boyfriend, so give her some space.
  • Okay I just wanna say I have a bf for a year and a half shes with her bf 6 months I made effort and made time for her, why she cant return the favour is beyond me and actually really hurtful. This more than anything is what I don't get. If I could handle a bf and a best mate why cant she? Its beginning to seem like she couldn't be arsed.
  • You could get a boyfriend too. I'm single!
  • live with it
  • I think best friends need to allow their counterparts "honeymoon" periods of new relationships. Most people, when they start a new relationship, go through a period at the beginning when they want to be with that person all the time, and best is to be alone with them. This maybe isn't polite or considerate, but it is pretty natural, and it should be expected. This doesn't mean your best friend's feelings for you have changed -- it just means they've been temporarily put on the back-burner. If you find this offensive, I think you are being impractical, and you will have a hard time finding a best friend that doesn't have these times in her life. My advice to you is loosen your ties with this friend for the time being. You have other friends, right? Focus on them, or explore "me" time for yourself. The honeymoon-phase will not last forever: your friend will probably come back to you, so to speak, and hopefully you will not be filled with resentment when she does, but instead you'll be ready to take up where you left off. So, stop making such an effort to see her. Allow her her freedom and selfishness and consider it all in good humour. I'm not suggesting you cut this girl off entirely. A bunch of you are getting together? Give her a call! She may or may not take you up on the invite, but don't be angry with her if she decides to stay in with her new boyfriend. Just take it in stride.

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