• If you have as much pleasure as money then you probably can't consider it work.
  • You must enjoy your work to be truly happy. If I made 100,000 a year and hated my job I would be miserable so I say the first thing is finding pleasure from work. Money is needed to live but enjoying your work to me is more important.
  • My job...pleasure.
  • Well you need money before pleasure so money would win out if your choice was based on need. If you want to be happy and enjoy life, it is important to do the kind of work you like. So if you can combine the two, you are in the minority of those who can have both.
  • I figure that the money is an apology for the parts of my job I don't enjoy. ;)
  • It's not the work I need, it's the money!
  • Pleasure from your job is OK .... BUT; Pleasure does NOT pay the bills and the mortgage ... so give me the $$$$$ M O N E Y $$$$ .
  • Ideally, pleasure from work..."Find something you love to do and you'll never work a day in your life."...but if you're not earning a decent salary/ enough to pay the bills then Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs kicks in and money becomes the main thing. Consider yourself lucky if you find work you love AND it pays well enough.
  • To me if my work is truly pleasurable the money will follow.

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