• He's exactly the opposite of what we need. His current economic plan is a historical repeat of previous failures.
  • so far so good. i think that he's working on the change he promised us with so i believe that He is the Ideal president so far. although i don't like hillary clinton
  • He also thinks the world is going to be nice to him because he is well mixed or part AFrican, he will find out the world is not the USA abd we are notthe problem but rather the solution.
  • yeah, i think so. Hes ambitious, and ready for the challenges he faces. He takes steps to improving relations with other countries. He listens to the people and hes genuine. Hes an average guy, but our president at the same time, and I think that's what we need.
  • Interesting question. An ideal president would have insights to ALL facets of America and have a knack for avoiding all the pitfalls. He would be eclectic in his approach and that approach would be flexible. I don't think Obama is that president. He came in with a specific agenda. He has forged ahead with that agenda regardless of the result - good - bad - or indifferent. Yes, he had a Black father but he was raised as a liberal White (based on ivy league education, background, etc.) . He really has close to nothing in common with most American Blacks. I don't get how that would make him "ideal" - except to the unaware. I'm hoping for the best.
  • He is the symbol of what America will be in the coming years. We will be a country that becomes much more self-sufficient like we were in our glory days and we will get the envy of the world back. And he will be our leader.
  • The same thing was said about Clinton. Have we had a better president as of late? People like Obama, Reagan, Kennedy, Washington, Lincoln and Clinton are good presidents in ANY era. Simple as that.
  • I certainly do and as far as the rest of the world is concerned, they seem to believe this is far better than they have been used to..the troops today in Bagdad were joyful when President Obama made an unannounced stop there for awhile. Terrorists don't like him and those in our country who wish him to fail so they can take over don't like him. The terrorists have specific agendas as do those in this country who are praying for his failure. I think President Obama will be judged on his accomplishments. Judgment for the terrorists and those who wish Obama to fail will be left to a Higher Authority! :)
  • Socialism and big government control of business is not what built this country into the power house economy of the world. As President Regan said, "Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem." President Obama is totally in favor of using tax money to gain control of everything from banking and industry to medical care, yet he is frighteningly short on political experience.
  • Too soon to say. 10 weeks does not give a very good insight into what kind of President he will be. Nobody is perfect for the job in any circumstances..

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