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  • Every guy is different – When I start to cum the head of my dick is so sensitive that I can’t stand any more sucking on it until I have finished cumming. But On the other side of the spectrum my friend wants me to continue sucking, wrapping my tongue around the head of his dick sucking every last drop of his cum out of the head his cock, and continue to concentrate on the head of his dick until he is sucked dry.
  • My dick gets sensitive but I love it when she lets me cum in her mouth, as long as she doesnt just suck the head everything it good. The best is when she can feel me about to cum and she takes my cock all the way in and I cum straight down her throat, this is also good when she doesnt like the taste of your cum, it doesnt get all over the tounge just down the hatch it goes.
  • Yeah, the head of my cock becomes super sensitive as I begin to cum. My wife is usually pretty good about keeping the up and down motion, milking my cock. But sometimes, she gets excited and continues the hard suck. I don't complain, since I'm getting a blow, yes?
  • I love it and hate it at the same time. It feels so good but it is almost to much to handle. She loves to tie me up so I cant stop her as I have done in the past.
  • My boyfriend, I`m a girl but answering anyway, wants the torment of me sucking and jerking him and rubbing his knob with my palm after he cums.... for a minute or two !!! But he need to be tied to a chair first !!!!
  • i need it to stop for a little while
  • one of the great things about being un-cut is that my head is supersensitive still ... so even before i come, her licking it sends shivers up and down my spine ... the feeling is only magnified a hundred fold when i cum ...
  • As long as my dick is crammed in the chick's mouth as far as possible at that moment, it feels great. Otherwise, her tongue usually makes it feel rather awkward during climax.
  • She can suck it as hard or soft as she wants to before I come. But after I come it can get really intense and I need to knock her off or do something to stop her from continuing. After I come she knows to slow down but sometimes she just likes to play around.

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