• Most countries in the world use the metric system, the mileage one is practically used only in the US. Kilometrage is a French word for Kilometers. If when speaking you wish to replace the word mileage then replace it with kilometers or metric system.
  • good question!
  • Where the metric system is used on the continent, it has been in use for such a long time that no one refers to miles. However, amongst people over 45 in Britain you will still hear the older generation talking in mile and some of them may not understand kilometres.
  • I believe it's just "efficiency. " The metric system uses the number of liters per 100 kilometers to judge efficiency, so kilometerage wouldn't make sense. It's not kilometers per anything. Maybe bringing this up at this time will get some European's attention.
  • I live in an area which selectively uses a metric system - I say selectively because there are some things that are metric and some things which are imperial. For example, we buy our petrol in litres, but mpg is still how a car's efficiency is measured. Distances are still in miles, but the mileometer on a car has both miles and km on it. That is handy for travelling to other European countries where I have to watch my speed in kmph. But , to get back to the point, we still say that someone is not the full shillig, even though shillings went out in 1971. We will still ask for a pound of tomatoes, even though they are measured in kg. We still talk about moving something a few inches over there, or a few feet that way, even though kids only learn to measure by cm and m. So, even when we eventually become fully metric, I believe that there are some terms which will always be part of our culture. After all, Americans still talk about pennies, and how long is it since they have been known as that?
  • Interesting points. Thanks for the insight into words as they evolve.
  • I am in the US so everything is measured by miles here, I hope this is correct based on the way the question was asked. :)
  • I think the metric system is that much used that other systems seem to me old fashioned. It is not a real problem to use both systems but I think the metric system is more logical and depends on mathematic base. In Europe once they had all kinds of different systems until the metric system was introduced. To me it seems a little bit strange just like the left-hand traffic in GB.
  • I say kilometerage because every country ecxept the US uses the metric system and i was born in another country so i know about that
  • As far as I know, the Brits are still using miles, stones, yards and inches as well as the traffic on the left side. I think they will keep on that until the end of the world.
  • Say that five times fast yo... :)

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