• try daddy first, then mom. and dont give up. keep pushing it til you get your way
    • Sammy
      This is a good question. Men in general are like that they kiss up to women. This is one of the things that cause family issues in the family. This been going on for the first day of life. Men just does it. Know one can reall come up with an answer. My husband does not does that with me. He has no problem in letting me know he does not agree.
    • Sammy
      I do not know what age you are but if you are in high school or college to sit down with a counselor and talk about this. Honestly, this issues your parent do with each other could destroy their marriage down the road. Parents can do some real silly things that end up putting wall between them and their children. Parenting and marriage is not a one sided. It two parents who need to see the whole picture and what best for their children. Parents are over you and they are to have your interest and what you do at the top of their list. Parents have to answer to God in what they do and how they raise their children. Did you father heard your side of the story. That is important. Yolu three need to sit down and talk about this. Parents need to keep an open door relationship with their children. Children need to do the same. We do not need drama in the family. We need peace, love and harmony among each family members. In my family as adult we are equal. We do not allow basis gender rules here. All rules apply to all family members. We been in issues that wad hard us to deal with but we had too. For example, our oldest son who is 11 last year what to spend a night with a boy who he knew. Well, we both said no. My husband and me were not agree with each other. It was base on the values, morals, and ethics we have taught the kids in our family. You may love someone and feel for them but there is a limited on where you can go with them. Well the boy who he what to spend the night with was not good. His mom is single with 2 children. She has men over to spend nights. You know what I talking about. Our son is not going to subject to that. He not going to hear sounds he does not need to hear. We did sit down with him to help him with his values and moral system to get him to see what he was getting his self into. After he open his eyes to what real goes on that he look up to us and told us I not making a good choice of this. Families need to be on the same page of ethics, morals, values in what appropriate and inappropriate behavior. So when the child come up with something as this spending a night with does not become a drama between the parents and their child. We help him to look at the values and morals we taught him. Then he was aware what he was going to do was not cool. This goes on a lot with us adults. We deal with issues everyday on the job or with other parents. Your parents need to sit down with you and each one talk about this.
    • Sammy
      Sorry, I did leave something out. You need to have an one to one talk with your dad why he does what he does. Parents learn for their parents. That does not mean it good parenting. Ask him you and him like to go and get an ice cream, or eat lunch somewhere and talk about this. Adults have issuse their self and sometime children need to point it out so it can be fronted with.

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