• It's very comfortable. Same reason that nowadays I wrap myself around my boyfriend to sleep =)
  • People say it aligns their spine.
  • When you sleep on your side it is AMAZING!!!! Don't know the purpose, but its incredibly comfortable!
  • To align the back.
  • It helps to keep the Spine in alignment and helps back problems.
  • Its comfortable and I guess its something to hug....
  • Don't know the purpose of why I do - but my doctor suggested it when I was pregnant several years ago, and it is just so comfortable that I still do. If my husband doesn't want to cuddle, I just tell him I'm going to cuddle with "John" my body pillow:)
  • To protect their 'bits' or to absorb the smells when they pass wind, but more likely for comfort. :o)
  • It does align the spine and is very comfy. Just don't try using it as a head pillow if you had gas the night before lol.
  • If you sleep on your side, it aligns your spine.
  • I don't know about pillows but ever since I was a little kid I go to sleep with the blanket between my knees. I don't know where I picked that up.
  • Aligning the spine, easing pressuer on the hips and knees, also some people dont like their skin touching skin as it causes them to feel hot.
  • It's to help maintain the alignment of the spine, while sleeping on your side with the knees bent. It is a must for many people with lower back problems.
  • I don't use a pillow but a rather large blanket and like chillin, when I was pregnant it helped with the big belly. And I guess I just kept it up. So I hug a blanket all night, not between my knees all the time more around my head. Need to hug and I am alone. +5
  • It facilitates proper spinal alignment, and lower back & knee support. I actually have a knee pillow (about 6 inches and bowed in the middle). I had torn cartilage in my knee several years ago and my chiropractor recommended it to support the knee joint and align my spine properly.
  • I have a butterfly shaped pillow designed for this. It keeps the stump of my thigh from falling uncomfortably to one side when I am on my right, allows me to sleep on my left side without my hip hurting. I also just like the feeling of it there.
  • I'm one of those people. When on your side, that pillow keeps the back aligned and helps with low back pain management as well. If there are issues getting the pillow into place after getting into bed due to back or general mobility? Here's a tip. While sitting on the edge of the bed, place the pillow between your knees "then". To get into bed, literally "swing" your legs up and your upper body down .. landing horizontally in the bed on your side. With guess what .. the pillow between your legs! If you're in need of the pillow to begin with, the last thing you want is to be in bed and unable to independently "reach" the pillow .. let alone manuveur it where you want it. Sorry - long answer "again"!!! Since it's such a simple but good thing for those post surgery or anytime for low back issues .. seemed worth saying how to get it into position. Er .. I'll be quiet now!!! :)

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