• I usually do, just because I forget to get rid of them. Every so often I go through my purse and throw them away. :)
  • I hold onto any receipt thats claimed on my federal income tax report. For 7 years. Just in case i am audited. Other receipts 3 years.
  • For every day purchases, I hold onto them for about 3 months.
  • Depends on what receipt and whether I have any need for it in the future. Grocery receipts I general don't keep unless I charged the items to my credit card. Major item receipts like car and TV I keep for warranty.
  • Yes. Virtually all my receipts. They are required for good tax support; for returning goods to the stores for exchanges; as a record to support your whereabouts in case a crime is commited and you are accused; useful for monitoring how you spend your money; as a document to collect money from those who asked you to buy something or support expense reports. And what about that dairy product or meat that goes sour in the fridge before you ever use it. That receipt takes the guess work out of the equation.
  • Yes as proof of payment. For instance we've been notified by a company that we haven't paid a bill. We already have proof of payment from our bank. Makes me wonder how bad the company is with their records or would they be happy if we paid twice?
  • Yes. In case a money order gets lost they have the number on the receipt. Or if I need to return something though I seldom do. But if you need to keep them long term you need to copy them because the laser printer fades with heat and time.
  • I do. You never know when you might need an alibi.😊
    • Linda Joy

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