• The reason for this question is that I am doing a research paper on atheism and I need the opinions of several atheists to include in my paper. If you don't want me to use what you say then please don't participate, also, if you are a religious person please refrain from answering as I do not need a religious point of view, I only need what a few individual atheists believe.
  • All atheists are different, and may have any number of different beliefs or philosophies. The only thing you can be sure that atheists have in common is their lack of belief in a god or gods.
  • I believe in this: . . . .
  • Atheists can have religions that do not have gods, like some denominations of Buddhism. Atheists can have a variety of philosophies, like utilitarianism, egoism, pragmatism, humanism, and so on. Atheists can believe in a variety of political or social ideologies like capitalism, libertarianism, communism, etc. Atheists can believe sayings like "history always repeats itself" and can turn to history books as a source for deciding what is moral and what isn't. Atheists can believe in a cause or movement like environmentalism or VHEMT. That's all I can think of now, but I'm sure there's more.
  • Anything that doesnt condem their sin.
  • science, evolution... no fate but what we make for ourselves... thinking for oneself...ect
  • Which atheist? Like all human beings atheists have many beliefs. Atheism is a single answer (no) to a single question: "Are there any gods?" Anything outside the answer to that question is outside the purview of atheism and would have to be asked of atheists individually.
  • The only common factor among all atheists is that they do not believe in any god. Nothing more, nothing less. Many atheists are also humanists, but not all. Most consider science to be the best source of knowledge, but not all. You can make generalisations, but not hard rules.
  • The power of the self?
  • This one believes in that which can be proven. Such as electromagnetic theory. Thus the computer you're typing away on. Or MRI's/CT scanners. Or Physics- the same physics that can produce the calculation for critical mass for nuclear detonation of a particular element, and radioactive decay that predicts the age of the earth. I believe that I'm gonna have to sign off soon to go to work. But I do believe that Religion, which does help in some few cases, is mostly used by no few morons as a crutch to justify their existence. In many states, one can become a minister, as young as 13, and can go on to 'faith-heal'. But medical doctors take years to get accreditation. After Patriotism, Religion is the last refuge of the scoundrel.
  • I believe I will have a drink with dinner tonight -- if I manage to live that long, and if I can manage to have a dinner -- and no one to gainsay me.
  • Some atheists believe that a god does not exist; so they have a belief in the not existence of a god. Other atheists just do not believe that a god exist; they don't have any belief concerning the existence of a god. That is all that we can say about atheists in general. On other issues, atheists have various beliefs, and some of them have no beliefs at all.
  • Insulting monotheists.
  • An atheist is only really defined as being one that doesn't believe in deities. There are degrees in there, some believe there are no deities, but not all, so that would be a poor generalisation. So there is no belief that is common to all atheists. There is a lack of belief that is common but not a belief. Individual atheists can believe any number of things, some sensible, some... not so sensible.
  • The Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • I believe in what I see with my own two eyes and what science can prove, anything else is made up lies to empower themselves and feel superior over others.
  • I believe in what I can substantiate with evidence, logic, and proof.
  • Facts.
  • Magic.
  • i believe in peace. i believe in a place that is made of energy all those energies are tranquil and good. because people in general are peaceful. if you left a person alone they wouldn't snap on you. however if you mess with them they may react not so nicely on you. i also believe in the power to heal through your hands. i believe in healing through the mind also. if you see it as healed it will be healed.
  • I believe in the human spirit. We can do great things when we are properly motivated.
  • Not God. :)
  • As an Atheist, I believe that I'm gonna have another drink. Cheers!
  • Atheist believe in themselves and that is also a faith.
  • Good grief, -42 points! This answer was not popular. :f
  • They believe that mathematics, the laws of physics, thermal and radiance energy all organized themselves and established symbiotic relationships magically - without any intelligence involved.

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