• A lazy person's way of giving thumbs up without having to write a lot.
  • Well, you could be talking about angle measurement. If true, the complement would be 90-(your current number). Two angles that add to 90 degrees are said to ber complements. !80 are supplements. If you are talking probability, you are asking the probabilty of a situation occuring (lets say 30%). Since something either will occur or won't accour, If you add the probability of the situation occurring (30%) and the situation not occuring (70%) you will get 100%. The complement of the situation occuring is 70%, because it has a 30% chance of happening. so, take 100% and subtract the probability of the event happening (30%) and you will get its complement
  • Just a way we men rate women, on a scale of 1-10 for just about anything you can think of.
  • In computer terms it is the number you get when you subtract a number from zero. Using pencil and paper you would just change the sign, but because of the way computers represent numbers it's a little more complicated.

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